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    Life in Willowdale: Farm Adventures Locks In Late September Launch

    Mindscape, in partnership with publisher Just For Games and developer FRAG Games, has announced that Life in Willowdale: Farm Adventures has passed final certification and will launch on September 27th for Switch and PC via Steam, with a launch on PS4 and PS5 following on October 18th. Featuring farming gameplay in a cozy town filled with friendly locals, as well as adventures across the region.

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    Once such a lively country town, Willowdale is in chaos. The mayor’s daughter dislikes the countryside and wants to transform and modernize the town, but now the animals are neglected and the villagers no longer feel at home. The mayor and townspeople need your help to restore Willowdale to its former glory. Set up a bustling farm, construct buildings and make friends with the colorful villagers while also setting off on adventures to rescue and bring back animals that have left.


    • Back To Nature, Back To Basics – Cultivate your green thumb by working day in, day out to restore the farm to its former glory! From planting and harvesting fresh produce, taking care of the animals to improving your skills, there’s never a dull moment in Willowdale, your new home.
    • Rebuild The Village – Willowdale has many beautiful and diverse buildings, such as the library, the greengrocer’s, the restaurant, and the town hall. Upgrade buildings and discover the new villagers who will show up as the game’s story progresses.
    • Go On An Adventure And Explore – Put on your explorer’s hat and grab your binoculars. There’s so much to discover outside of town! Follow the paths outside of town to the Flower Fields, the Death Desert, the Forgotten Forest, and the Mighty Mountain. Brace yourself for the challenges that await you!
    • Adventuring Is Always More Fun With Friends – Willowdale is not the only place where all kinds of things happen. There’s so much to experience outside of town as well! Invite a friend to join you on your couch for a local multiplayer adventure! Discover the different zones with their unique characteristics, challenges, and boss fights.
    • Willowdale Has Something For Everyone – Willowdale offers everything you can expect from a lively village. Annual events, good food in the restaurant, fishing at the pond or cooking at Wine & Dine, there’s always something to do in the cheerful town of Willowdale!

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