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    Online brawler Bleeding Edge announces Closed Beta and pinponts release on March 24, 2020

    Ninja Theory has developed its very own online brawler called Bleeding Edge in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios. Recently they have announced that the game is set to release next year on March 24, 2020. Pre-orders include the “Punk Pack” add-on and closed beta access on both February 14, 2020, and March 13, 2020. The Punk Pack includes the following three exclusive fighter skins and add-ons:

    • Punk Rock Niđhöggr
    • Butterpunk Buttercup
    • Outrider ZeroCool
    • Rioter’s Hoverboard
    • Make Your Mark in-game Sticker Pack
    • Three bonus taunts




    Team Up. Cause Chaos.

    Join a team of misfits from beautiful Buttercup with her detachable saw blade arms, Black- Metal rocker Niđhöggr wielding electrifying guitar solos all the way to New York’s most wanted assassin Daemon. In an electrifying online brawler where every fighter comes mechanically enhanced for mayhem!

    Key Brawl Features

    • Be one with your team to be an unstoppable force using all their abilities from freezing time, mind control, riding missiles and even unleashing electrifying guitar chords. Rewarding all techniques, execution timing and teamwork.
    • Make full use of your environment with deadly arena hazards. Gaining the upper hand by yanking opponents into a high voltage electric fence with Buttercup’s saw blade. Charge enemy aggressors into the path of an oncoming train with Makutu’s shoulder barge. Trap careless enemies within Maeve’s magical cage and light a raging fire beneath their very feet.
    • Mod Your Combat, Show Your Style – Power up your fighters’ weapons and abilities from a vast arsenal of cybernetic parts, all earnable through gameplay. Customise your hoverboard mounts to ride with style across the vibrant cyberpunk arenas of Bleeding Edge.

    The cybernetic clash of the century is about to begin on March 24, 2020, for Xbox One and PC.

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