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    Century Siege: TD Battles Going Live!

    Goober Games, in collaboration with Stepico, announced that their ambitious PvP title, ​Century Siege​, will be launching globally on November 20th, 2019​, after spending several months in Soft Launch.

    “With Century Siege we originally set out to follow the road paved by Clash Royale. But we soon realized that this path was well-worn and, by listening to our community, we decided that the only way to stand-out was to take risks and differentiate” – ​Benjamin Andre, Project Director and Lead Design​.



    Through this planned progression of tweaks, optimizations, and feature additions, the dust has officially settled; leaving Century Siege with the ability to stand on its own two feet, with a face all its own. ​Yes​, it has the ‘Elixer’ and ‘Card’ (Summon) mechanics that have become genre-staples; but it also has many tricks up its sleeve that add a much deeper level of Strategy. Century Siege’s allure from a gameplay standpoint is best highlighted by its elements of:

    • Tower Defense.​ In addition to the traditional ‘Elixer’ mechanic, players also have a Wood Supply​ to manage and grow with the placement of ​LumberJacks​. Players spend this resource on constructing and upgrading Towers that defend their Crystals from enemies.
    • An Offensive Tower class called ‘Spawners’ that create a constant stream of friendly units that travel down the lane to assault the Opponent.
    • Players also choose a ‘General’, each with their own Special Abilities, that will lead the troops in battle. With Abraham Lincoln, lay waste to enemies with a barrage of cannon fire. Or, select Ghenghis Khan and assault the opponent’s Crystals with hordes of Mongolian Archers.
    • Once an Enemy Crystal is destroyed, ‘Rift Creeps’ of the player’s choosing (Minotaurs, Werewolves, Zombies, etc) will begin to rush that lane in a fashion that MOBA fans will be familiar with (they even drop gold!).


    These features coalesce into an engaging ‘Tug-of-War’ experience that succeeds in its quest to be different. If that was all that was to be said, it would already be enough to recommend giving Century Siege a shot. But, the personality and the ​World​ that the game creates through its subtexts of Time Travel, Mythology, and historical figures, place Century Siege in a position to be considered one of the most unique ‘Tower Defense’ games released into the Mobile App Market.

    Given that the team already has plans for a Single-Player mode or standalone TD game, it is apparent that there is certainly a lot of room for exploration within the world of Century Siege; and we are excited to see which paths this community will travel down. Take a look for yourself on November 20th, available for free on the Google Play and App Stores.


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