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    Oh My Godheads: Party Edition Launches on Nintendo Switch.

    Square Enix Collective® has recently announced that Oh My Godheads will today launch on the Nintendo Switch™ system, marking the debut of the game’s brand new Party Edition. To some of you who are not familiar with the title, this will help you.


    What is Oh My Godheads?

    • Hilarious couch multiplayer for 1-4 players
    • Battle computer-controlled characters in single player mode
    • ‘Capture-the-head’ gameplay supercharges capture-the-flag with uniquely powered godheads
    • Multiple magical godheads – explosions, control-switching and more
    • Bright, colourful 3D environments in world-spanning locales
    • Ridiculous cast of characters to play
    • Swords, hats, monocles and airborne pastries

    Oh My Godheads manic multiplayer charges players with carrying a variety of magical Godheads back to their base, closely mirroring traditional capture-the-flag style gameplay but adding a whole heap of extra delirium thrown in for good measure. Aside from defending against each other’s attacks, gamers also have to take on the Godhead itself – a typically disobliging and hostile memento rather cool on your advances.



    Once you go Switch…
    This launch on Switch marks the first time the game has gone portable, Barcelona-based studio Titutitech’s celebrated couch-based multiplayer can now be taken on indoors, outdoors – pretty much absolutely anywhere. That all means that, if you fancy taking on your friends on the bus, on a plane, or even in the Doctor’s waiting room so you can check out that dodgy rash, Oh My Godheads’ brand new Party Edition on Nintendo Switch has you sorted.

    “The new Party Edition of Oh My Godheads is something we’ve been looking to do ever since launch, and this new upgraded version feels perfectly at home on Nintendo Switch,” says Federico Sauret, co-CEO of Titutitech. “We created a game designed to recapture the sense of fun so many couch-based multiplayer games pulled off in the 1990s, and this is something Nintendo itself has long been a master at. It all meant Nintendo Switch was the logical home for this new Party Edition.”


    In addition to all the content from the original Oh My Godheads, the Party Edition includes:

    • New content including a new tower level, new godhead, and a gallery with game art.
    • New Tournament mode modality, allowing players to compete in a set number of matches with a brand new points system.
    • Refined visuals, improved core player movement (allowing you to tackle your rivals and send them flying), re-balanced levels and godheads, improved UI, and AI.
    • Trials mode can now either be played solo or in co-op mode.
    • In addition, most trials have been redesigned adding 10 new trials.
    • A brand new Platinum Medal tier for the most skilled players!
    • Optimisation to take advantage of Nintendo Switch hardware.


    Oh My Godheads: Party Edition is available today in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch with a 10% discount for the first two weeks (normal price £11.99/$14.99/€14.99). Original Oh My Godheads is already available on PS4, Xbox One and Steam for £11.99/$14.99/€14.99).


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