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    Of Blades & Tails The Upcoming 2D Open World Pixel-Art RPG Now With Early Access Release Date!

    Polish indie publisher Pineapple Works and German solo-developer Felix Laukel has announced that Of Blades & Tails will be launching on Steam Early Access on October 19th, 2022. The game is still coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One/Series S/X in Q3 2023 on top of its planned full release on PC.

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    In Of Blades & Tails you play Reik, a clever member of the tribe of foxes. A chain of unfortunate events ​​takes you on a quest of vital importance to all peaceful creatures in the realm. You will need to leave your home village and explore it to become strong enough to face up evil.

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    Inspired by genre classics such as Diablo and Stoneshard, Of Blades & Tails brings on a fresh approach to the turn-based RPG genre by offering the player faster-paced gameplay. They will have to take on decisions fast to vanquish their foes. Will they be able to find what’s the source of this calamity?

    Key Features:
    • Turn-based Combat that allows for quick action or strategic planning
    • An Open World with lots of places to discover
    • A fresh anthropomorphic setting in a vibrant pixel art look
    • generated dungeons and caves
    • Classless Character Development with many abilities to unlock
    • of different qualities and Unique Items with special powers
    • Hunt giant bugs or gather herbs and other useful resources
    • Many Enemy Types with different skills that may require tactical decisions
    • Join guilds to gain their secret knowledge
    • with rats and other profit-seeking animals

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