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    ODINFALL, A Furiously Fast Viking Roguelite Shooter, Announced For PC & Launching This Summer

    Ragnarok was just the beginning… of the end. Fireshine Games and Ember Paw Games are excited to announce ODINFALL, a Viking-themed, rogue-lite twin-stick shooter, launching on Steam Early Access this summer, with a Closed Alpha kicking off the frag-naroking action on April 10th. Sign-up now for guaranteed access.

    Source: GameTrailers

    Wreak vengeance in a post-apocalyptic world as one of the multiple playable characters on a quest to prevent Odin from triggering a second Ragnarok. Because the world ending once just wasn’t enough. Punch gods in the face as the Cyberserker, slice through mobs as the Dark Elf, mine gold to upgrade your gear as the Dwarf, dual-wield guns twice your size as the manic Gnome, or stampede your foes as a freakin’ VIKING MOOSE.

    Equip yourself with outrageous weapons in an endlessly-modifiable armoury, like an acid-spitting minigun or an ice-bow that turns enemies into popsicles, and upgrade your skills & abilities to take on Norse gods in furiously frantic fast-paced combat. Traverse the apocalyptic wastes across procedurally-generated runs, carve your own route with destructible levels, and die too many times to count in your fight against Odin’s forces.


    • Multiple unique playable characters
    • Fast-paced twin-stick shooting and melee combat
    • Huge assortment of weapons & an endless array of mod combinations
    • Procedurally generated levels, with upgrades, abilities, skill trees & more
    • AI robot gods!
    ODINFALL is an outrageously over-the-top, fun & frantic roguelite shooter that fans of the genre are going to dig – Ember Paw has some truly awesome ideas for where they want to take the game throughout Early Access, and we can’t wait to invite players along for this godly ride through a post-apocalyptica later this summer. Because honestly, in what other game can you launch an assault against Odin as a viking moose?

    Rob Feather – Product Manager at Fireshine Games

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