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    Four Indie Highlight’s That Slashes Like Mega Man Zero – Gestalt: Steam & Cinder, Nocturnal, Vernal Edge And Yasha: Legends of the Demon Blade

    Tired of shooting games? Long for the days of just slashing swordplay? Or missed the days that just slash your worries away. Well, you are in luck as I’ve discovered four amazing-looking indie games that I’ve previously overlooked, and they’re sure to slash that itch and reignite my nostalgic inner samurai-ness with their impressive swordplay and lit unique/retro-style graphics.

    Developer Metamorphosis Games | Publisher Fireshine Games

    Set in a steampunk world, join Aletheia and a vibrant cast of characters as they race to discover the secrets of the Steam City of Canaan and clobber armies of Clockwork golems that stands in your way. Armed with a sword and a knife, execute a slew of melee combos and deadly gunplay, leaving your enemies reeling. Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC.

    Source: Indiegames Inside

    Developer Sunnyside Games | Publisher Dear Villagers

    As Ardeshir, carve and light up your way with fire and steel to find out what happened to your people in this action-platformer game and discover the secrets that lie beyond the Mist. Plays like the 2D prince of Persia – gain ashes by killing enemies while exploring your environment and make an offering to the Phoenix statues to give you new abilities and stat boosts you need to survive. Nocturnal is coming to PC.

    Developer Hello Penguin Team LLC | Publisher PID Games

    It welcoming to have 2D action-packed Metroidvania action with tight platforming sequences and a powerful story of rivalry, revenge, and growth. Jump, dash, slide your way into beautiful pixel art environments to find secrets. Vernal Edge is slashing its way to PC release.

    Yasha: Legends of the Demon Blade | Q3 2023

    Developer 7QUARK

    Slay enemies in a wicked Japanese art style akin to Okami as Shigure the kunoichi. Finding and using legendary weapons “Demon Blade” scattered around and using their unique abilities to strike combo attacks. There are also ingredients for gourmet recipes to become stronger.

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