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    New Wild Hearts Trailer Welcomes You To The Village Of Minato

    EA Originals and KOEI TECMO have released a new trailer for their upcoming AAA hunting game Wild Hearts. The trailer offer players a look at Minato, a village in the centre of the land of Azuma that will be the players’ home base.

    Inside the village, players will get to meet important villages and allies that will be with them on their journey to triumph over the Kemonos. As players defeat these Kemono, the fearsome creatures will give up their Celestial Thread so hunters can weave them together for their own purposes – and with the help of the ancient Karakuri technology, protect the village and people of Minato from catastrophe.

    You can find out more about the voice cast for the game from Wild Hearts Official Site.

    Wild Hearts is set to launch on 17 February 2023 on the PlayStation 5, Xbox X|S and PC via the EA App, Steam & Epic Game Store.

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