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    New Updates Shared Regarding The Sim Universe From The New Community Series

    The Sims team is committed to keeping players in the loop of what is happening across The Sims franchises as they continue to expand. Last October had The Sim Summit for updates but now, there is a new community series Behind the Sims which will cover the latest updates, sneak peeks and deep dives into the game’s development. This includes Project Rene, new content for The Sims 4 and more.

    Quick update on Project Rene

    The first playtest for Project Rene, the next evolution of The Sims, has just wrapped up. A tiny slice of the games was given to a small number of players and they will be gathering feedback to refine the feature sets and more.

    The playtest focused on Furniture customization, which gives players more control over the pattern, colour, materials, parts, shape, and size of the furniture in their apartment. There was a very early pilot of buy mode that looked into how players can copy styles quickly from their couch to their chair, or move and rotate an entire living room set.

    Included in the playtest was the first social play experience where players can design an apartment together which opens up a new way to play, tell stories, and build dream creations. Project Rene is a place for you to explore life with The Sims and also share a wide variety of experiences with trusted friends. It will also be the player’s choice whether to play on their own or with others.

    All these playtests happen on PC and Mobile so, with Project Rene, you will be able to play on the PC, put it down and pick up right where you left off on a mobile device. The team is still developing ways in which we can tailor the experiences per platform.

    Project Rene will be a long journey and The Sims team will continue to share their progress with you in the future.

    An exciting new bundle of joy is coming to The Sims 4 on 14 March

    The Sims 4 is celebrating its 23rd birthday by revealing a new bundle of joy coming soon to the base game, Infants. The team has been reimaging THe Sins that players know and love with even more ways to play, Bringing a new life stage, Infants, to Simmers on 14 March.

    Ding dong! Meet The Sims 4’s newest family, The Michaelsons, on 2 February

    Families play a fundamental role in shaping who our sims become. Here is a new teaser of a new expansion pack with the newest family, The Michaelsons which will be arriving on 2 February.

    Exciting new updates for The Sims FreePlay and The Sims Mobile

    In celebrating The Sims 23rd birthday, players for The Sims Mobile will be receiving a free gift – The Disco Plumbob. There will also be a Treasure Hunt, in honour of the 5th anniversary of The Sims Mobile which includes five awesome new anniversary-themed items that players will love. Also be sure to attend the upcoming The Sims Festival, a 60-day recurring event. There will also be rewards inspired by Korean architecture and fashion for the game.

    The team realize that there had not been many updates in The Sims Freeplay music since the launch, so they asked the community which iconic songs throughout The Sims 23 year long history they wanted to include. They receive thousands of votes for iconic tunes so the team is now happy to announce that they have added themes from The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, “The Sims” from The Sims 4, and of course, “Neighborhoods,” from The Sims which are available now in the game.

    In honour of The Sims Freeplay’s 11th Anniversary, they also revealed that Sims Springs will be expanding with a third area to the desert map. Sims Springs is a tumbleweed town with untapped potential waiting for your Sims to build it from the ground up. Coming April 2023, Neighborhood 3 boasts more unique fixer-upper house lots to customize and make your own.

    These are the updates which are currently coming to The Sims and you can find more information at The Sims Official Site.

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