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    Neverout ironically finally out for PS4

    Sony fans can finally rejoice as developer Gamedust has launched the unconventional puzzle game, Neverout for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. Check out the trailer for this interesting game below:



    Get out if you can..

    Neverout is a multi-layered puzzle game with unique gameplay mechanics. The game sets you up as a player waking up in a small cube and the first task at hand would be to find a way out of it. Once players are able to escape from the first room, it opens up to more challenging levels ahead. There are in total around 60 challenges awaiting with increasing difficulty and complications.

    Deadly traps and obstacles such as spiked traps and electric fields will get in your way. This is where you as a player will have to use your environments to the fullest by shifting gravity to even teleportation. A word of caution though, as simple mistakes may cause death and a forces players to restart the level all over again.

    It is VR compatible with a few added bells and whistles

    Neverout will give players the option to either play it with or without a VR headset for a fully immersive experience. Further enhancements include experiencing the game in 4K resolution on the PS4Pro.
    Neverout has launched for PlayStation 4 on October 23rd, 2018. It is priced at $7.99 Euro (equivalent to $38.17) on the PS Store.

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