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    Enjoy Taking Notes With The S Pen On The Galaxy Fold3 5G

    Time is gold when it comes to staying productive. Thanks to Samsung‘s S Pen Fold Edition, you can take notes right away without having to unlock your Galaxy Z Fold3 5G whenever inspiration strikes. Simply pop out the S Pen from its pouch, press the side button, and double-tap the screen with your S Pen to begin writing in the Samsung Notes app. It is especially beneficial for individuals with hectic schedules to organize their thoughts conveniently in a short time. The handwritten text recognition algorithm in Samsung Notes can predict scribbled notes and convert them into texts, so fret not about others misreading your words.

    Convenient Multitasking

    In the world of highly effective people, multitasking is essential in order to balance busy schedules, and the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G can ease your work with its various multitasking features. The intuitive Multi-Active Window allows three apps to run at the same time so you can simultaneously join a videoconference, document key points in Samsung Notes while marking future appointments in Samsung Calendar with your S Pen. With Flex Mode on, you can be on camera hands-free and pitch your ideas to your clients passionately with body gestures to pique their interest.

    Keeping it Cool, Fun and Colourful!

    Though striving for goals requires seriousness, it will not succeed if the notes you documented do not spark passion in you to further innovate. To keep you motivated and your ideas fun, take advantage of the expansive canvas on Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Main Screen and express your creativity in your notes with vibrant colours and doodles. In Samsung Notes, you can customize the paper type, background and pen colours for a personal touch. Illustrating with the rounded, retractable S pen tip feels so comfortable and natural in hand that you will be motivated to expand your ideas comprehensively and bring your visions to life.

    Better notes start with the right tools, like the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G’s S Pen. The S Pen Pro is available for purchase at the recommended retail price of RM499 whereas the S Pen Fold Edition is retailing at the recommended retail price of RM199.

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