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    Mutazione adds more tranquility with Cloud Garden, a New Garden Mode Alongside Six Additional Languages

    Copenhagen-based developer Die Gute Fabrik and publisher Akupara Games announced the inclusion of a new Garden Mode to Mutazione, nominated in four categories of 2020 Independent Games Festival including Excellence in Audio and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize is introducing their fans to a whole new Garden Mode aka Cloud Garden. This is where players will get to enjoy more freedom in personalized audio compositions through the player-driven musical component as seen in Story Mode. This includes new language options from Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Turkish.

    “We are delighted to release the standalone ‘Garden Mode’ plus six new languages to complement the Story Mode and existing eleven languages that Mutazione was released in-Garden Mode allows the player to dive much more deeply into the beautiful procedural musical compositions at the heart of Story Mode, allowing the player freedom to experiment and create, share and explore this carefully crafted music engine.”

    -Hannah Nicklin, CEO of Die Gute Fabrik

    Freedom to tend your garden

    Players are now able to freely compose procedurally generated ambient music through planting seeds in their own personal garden in Mutazione. Garden Mode takes the mechanic found in Story Mode and provides players a stand-alone garden to explore, compose, share, and experiment with their own orchestras with no time limits. With each plant having a specific set of sounds and melodies when planted, players will experience a variety of moods, textures, and emotions through different plant-based compositions.

    Key Garden Features:
    ● Seed sharing – send and receive rare and unusual seeds with your friends (PS4 & PC feature)
    ● 7 new seeds not available in Story Mode
    ● Time control – leave the gardens on in the background to slowly evolve and change
    ● The exclusive ‘Cloud Garden’ – only glimpsed during Story Mode, now fully playable
    ● Hundreds of new musical clips – a deeper, more complex musical landscape to explore

    Mutazione is available now on PS4, PC, and coming soon to Apple Arcade.
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