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    Mobile Review : UNO!™

    This game review is powered by  Honor Play with it’s Kirin 970 AI chipset | 6.3-inch Fullview display | GPU Turbo

     Developed By:  Mattel163

    Published By: Mattel163

    Platforms: iOS / Android

    Reviewed On: Honor Play (Android)



    “UNO! Game!”. Above sentence were one of the most mentioned during my younger days. I grew up by playing the phyiscal card UNO with my siblings and we had a lot of funs (and fights too :p). Mattel163 has now brought the legendary card game, UNO!™ to mobile platform.





    For those who are not familiar with what UNO is about, UNO is a card game that is usually played by 4 players, 7 cards are dealt to each player, and first player to discard all will be the winner. The deck consists of cards with 4 different type of colours (red, blue, yellow, green), number from 0 to 9 for each colour, and a series of action cards (“Wild” card, “Wild Draw Four” card, “Skip” card, “Reverse” card, “Draw 2” card). Each action cards has it own purpose and during the start of the game, a comprehensive tutorial will be given for new players to understand how the game works, or to help those who had prior experience to refresh their memory. In UNO!™, there are a few changes that helps to improve the playing experience,  each game is timed at 3 minutes, and each player’s turn has a time limit. When time limit is up, AI will help the player to make a decision. This will eliminate the issue of players thinking for too long or a game being dragged.



    There are total of 5 game modes : Fun Room, Uno Classic Mode, Quick Start GoWild x2 (Single), Go Wild,  Uno Contest. Uno Classic Mode is the same concept from the traditional UNO physical card game, where by “Quick Start GoWild x2 (Single)” allows player to form a team of 2 either with random online player or with a friend, and fight against another team of 2 players. “Fun Room” is lobby style that allows player to create a room and play privately with friends. “Go Wild” has a different set of rules and still play similarly to the classic mode. Lastly “Uno Contest” is the competitive mode for the serious players that intend to make a name out of themselves in UNO!™.


    Game Progression



    The game progression in UNO!™ is somewhat similar to other poker games on web and mobile. Players will accumulate more coins and play in higher multiplier room to earn even more coins. There is also a page for player to keep track of their achievement, and each achievement unlocked will reward the player with coins. Player can also customise their background scene, card backs, effects, quick phrase, and event by unlocking with coins they earn from winning games.



    There is micro-transaction in the game, but the micro-transaction is totally optional and will not ruin Free to Play players experience. The micro-transaction in this game allows player to purchase more coins, shield that helps player from preventing coin loss when they lose a game. These micro-transaction does not give any extra advantages to those who paid, hence the game experience is not affected by it. Players can choose to watch ads video in order to earn Diamond (micro-transaction currency) on daily basis.




    A classic card game brought to mobile platform, with improvements to make the experience better, and micro-transaction that doesn’t affect Free to Play players experience. It is a nice game for casuals or seasoned gamers to pick up as it is easy to start and doesn’t require long for each game.


    Score : 8/10

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