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    Mobile Review : Mr Bean – Special Delivery

    This game review is powered by Honor Play with it’s Kirin 970 AI chipset | 6.3-inch Fullview display | GPU Turbo

    Developed By: Good Catch

    Published By: Good Catch

    Platforms: iOS / Android

    Reviewed On: Honor Play (Android)


    We covered the release of Mr Bean Special Delivery in this post earlier in the month, and today we are bringing you the review of the game. Developed and published by Good Catch, Mr Bean – Special Delivery is the first official Mr Bean driving game. In this game, Mr Bean found out he has potential in doing parcel delivery together with his sidekick, Teddy!


    Mr Bean – Special Delivery is a 2D side scrolling driving game. Players will be playing as Mr Bean, driving his iconic green Mini, accompanied by Teddy on the passanger seat. Each mission will have a number of parcels consisting of various sizes that needs to be delivered to either his friends and surprisingly even foes.


    Each delivery will send the player to deal with different “track” issues and it’s up to the player to either put the peddle to metal, or to hold their horses and play it safe. This is because parcels can fall off from the top of the car if the car is too shaky. But players also can’t be playing it too safe due to the time limit set for each delivery / mission.


    When the player reaches a certain level, boosters will be unlocked. By activating boosters, a special effect will kick in for a period of time, such as freezing the parcels from dropping off the car irregardless of the road terrain and car condition. For each mission players can bring total of 3 different boosters. Boosters can be either purchased by micro transaction, or watch video ads to earn 1 booster.


    Game Progression

    Car parts will be rewarded to players for completing each mission. Car parts are what lets Mr Bean level up as well as improving the performance of the car. On top of performance, visual customization parts will also be part of the rewards given too. Collecting 3 lost boxes in mission will also grant players a box that consists of either visual or performance parts.



    Mr Bean – Special Delivery is a light game yet it comes with some welcome challenge to achieve the best result in each delivery. The game uses the opening theme song from the Mr Bean animated series, and also sound effects from Mr Bean himself, which cheers me up most of the time. But unfortunately as a fremium user one thing that really turns me off from the game is how the dvelopers have chosen to shove the ads down the players throats every chance they can get. Almost every action requires you to watch some form of video ads, from reward boxes, to refilling boosters, to even completing the game. Of course, the only way to rid yourself of this extremely intrusive ads is by simply handing over your money and being a VIP member. It’s sad what gaming has come to isn’t it.



    Score : 5/10

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