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    Ragnarok M: Eternal Love – Quick Level UP Guide by the professionals!

    By popular request from our community, we’ve made this guide to share some of our Ragnarok M: Eternal Love leveling methods with everyone. This guide is meant to only serve as a reference and by no means is the “best freaking guide ever“.

    Extend your Combat Time (CT)

    Combat Time : Each character is limited to 300 minutes of CT by default for full EXP gain and normal loot drops. Anything after that will result in reduced EXP and lower drop rate for loots!

    For those who wants to extend CT by another 60 minutes, head down to Prontera South and locate the Music Box NPC. Click on the NPC to access the Track List panel and leave your character for a good 60 minutes. If there aren’t any tracks playing at the moment, you can either wait for someone to play their discs or you can purchase one at the Event Guide NPC at Prontera. We will have another article on Combat Time in the future, so stay tuned.

    Extended CT after listening to music.
    Unused CT can be stored up to 900mins.

    Step #1 – Managing the 360 CT for the best outcome

    Monster Resistance Quest x 2 & Lightning Chain.

    Make the Monster Resistance Quest your first priority after you’ve gained your max 360 CT. What it does is, it provides the player with a whopping 10x multiplier exp gain when killing monsters in a designated map. There is however, a limit to the amount of experience you can accumulate with this quest. Once you’ve hit that limit, everything goes back to normal.

    You can think of this as an experience booster to start your day right in the game. And to make it better, consume a Lightning Chain while you’re at it to gain double loots.

    Lightning Chain

    Some of you may question why doubling it with Lightning Chain while you can take it slow and easy. And we totally agree with you on this. But in order to fully maximise the number of hours (as in real time) in a day, we can make this over and done with quicker while gaining double the loot amount at the same time. The biggest benefit about Lightning Chain is that no matter what the loots are, it comes in doubles. Imagine getting two cards in one loot drop!

    The Messenger Monster Watcher NPC that provides this quest is available at each town and is usually next to the Mission Board. You’re allowed to accumulate up to 6 quests maximum if you’ve been skipping this or 2 per day if you do it on a daily basis.

    Monster Resistance Quest NPC at Prontera.

    Mission Board Looting Quest + leftover of Lightning Chain

    After you’re done with the Monster Resistance Quests, there will be some leftover duration on the Lightning Chain buff. To avoid wastage on unnecessary mobs, it’s best used on looting quests (quests that requires a player to collect certain items) as it helps to increase the drop rates of quest items. And in the case of looting quests, we recommend the looting quests available on the Mission Board.

    Loot Quest

    First of all, Mission Board quests provides you with additional exp upon completion, and also item rewards with reward multipliers as well. For every quest completed on the mission board, the rewards are increased by an additional 10%; capping at 200% on the 10th quest.

    Secondly, Mission Board quests contributes up to 25 intimacy points to the daily Assistant Intimacy Reward. Therefore, it’s recommended to complete the looting quests from the Mission Board before CT exhaustion. We will have another article about the Assistant NPC soon. So stay tuned!

    Selective questing

    We cannot emphasise this enough. Always be selective; and prioritise loot quests over kill quest. Do not waste the 360 CT on kill quests as those can be done even when CT is exhausted! The logic here is as simple as below.

    1. To finish loot quests faster = need more loot drops.
    2. To get higher chance of loot drops = do it within the first 360 CT and utilisation of Lightning Chain.

    Therefore, pickup and finish your loot quests while you still have CT. Leave the kill quests for later!

    Kill Quest

    Shorten your kill quest duration

    The best way to achieve this (besides having a good DPS build) is to party up for the quest. Rather than personally killing 300 goblins, a party of 5 will only need to kill 60 each. Catch my drift? No? Ok, read on.

    Although partying up may cause less experience gained from kills and less loot due to distribution, these numbers get negligible as you level up. So don’t worry too much about mob experiences – just go forth and kill!

    Keep in mind that there’s only one goal to achieve in kill quests, and that is to complete it as fast as possible. Never ever waste precious CT on kill quests – unless you’re totally out of quests.

    Things to do after 360 CT

    • Complete all the Minstrel Quests. Minstrels are NPC who issues quest chains in a combination off two forms. One is a kill quest which requires killing 300 mobs of a kind while the other requires looting or purchasing of some items. All of the items required by the minstrel can either be purchased from the Exchange NPC or any NPC Vendors in town if you’re not up for some grind work.
    • Complete the leftover daily board kill quests.
    • Snap pictures to level up your adventure book. (We will have a dedicated article on this as well)

    Step #2 – Sending your pet to work!

    Once your pet reaches level 45 with Intimacy rating of 5 and above, it can be sent to work! Yeap, you heard that right. You can send that little Poring of yours to work via the Labor Travel Machine, and all salary payments goes to you! (#animalabuse #petabuse #PETA #masyarakatnidahrosak)

    Labor Traveling Machine can be found in your bag

    The first workplace that is open for hire is the item shop, and namesake wise, it pays in items. The item shop’s reward ranges from a feather to an Emperium, depending on your pet’s Intimacy rating, level and skills. And what you want from this shop, are the Base EXP and Job EXP potions! Yes, potions that increases your EXP!

    This is where you’ll slave your Poring away
    Tips : Send Lunatic to instead of Poring if you want consistent “worker of the month” award.

    Potion description are as below :-

    Potion/Size S M L XL
    Base 5,000 EXP 100,000 EXP 500,000 EXP 1,000,000 EXP
    Job 1,000 EXP 10,000 EXP 50,000 EXP 100,000 EXP
    Base Potion – M Size
    Job Potion – M Size

    Nuff said!

    Step #3 – Character Basics

    We will not be touching about character builds as we believe in each to their own. ( And we are too lazy to update the builds after every patch XD )

    Capsule Machine Gears

    The two Fantasy Generator machines that can be found along the southern wall of Prontera City provides the best leveling gears which scales themselves as your character levels.

    Gatchapons at Prontera

    Fantasy Generator 1 – This machine trades 30 Big Cat Voucher 1 for a random headgear. All headgear from this capsule machine comes with the attribute – Base EXP for killing monsters +5%

    Fantasy Generator 1 for headgear

    Fantasy Generator 2 – This machine trades 10 Big Cat Voucher 2 for a random non headgear equipment. All equipment from this capsule machine are classified as Saint Gears and comes with either one of these attributes – Base EXP for killing monsters +10% / Job EXP for killing monsters +10%

    Fantasy Generator 2 for Saint Gears

    Hire Cat Mercenaries

    The title itself is pretty self explanatory. Having an extra hand to dish out damage is always good, and since it doesn’t leech EXP from your character, that makes it even better!

    Out of the 4 cats, we recommend Po(Prontera – Behind Daily Board) or Maysa(Geffen – Next to Fred, the Amazing Toy NPC) for DPS. For those who prefer tanks can choose to hire Wasabi (Geffen – Next to Fred, the Amazing Toy NPC), while those who are in need of healing can seek the services of Goro (Izlude – Opposite Daily Board).

    Bring a pet to battle

    Another extra hand to dish out damage without leeching EXP. We don’t really need to elaborate more on this right?


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