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    Review : Ragnarok M Eternal Love – Absolutely Lovely!

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    Developed By: Gravity Interactive

    Published By: Gravity

    Platforms: iOS / Android / Emulator Supported

    Reviewed On: Honor Play (Android)


    Ragnarok M Eternal Love is the latest mobile adaptation of the classic hit game, Ragnarok Online (or RO). One may wonder how many times the game developer Gravity intend to milk the brand, but hey, as long as it works right? I remember playing RO back in 2002 when it was launched in Malaysia, the game was heavily promoted as the first localized Online Game in the country. Expectations are high for any new Ragnarok branded games including this one, as fans continue to measure them against their highly acclaimed predecessor.

    In this review, we will explore the Hits and Misses of this mobile adaptation and see if it lives up to its name.


    Graphics and Visuals
    Almost, if not all that came after the original RO are better looking than it. RO M Eternal Love is no different, in fact, this could be the best looking RO game I’ve seen. Surpassing even Ragnarok Online 2. Yes, a mobile game > past RO games.

    • Visual effects from skills and executions are pleasant to look at, though at times they may be a hindrance when I need clear visuals of the subject on the screen (mobs crowding together, teammates, etc). At the present, there is no option to turn Damage Numbers and Names off to allow for a better view. Could be problematic for those with a smaller phone screen. [Miss] 
    • The game design of this RO game is literally a Remake version of the original RO. In better colours, in High Definition, Similar city layout but better design. All in all, this is a [Hit] 
    • The User Interface / HUD are also well placed and allocated. Whatever I needed to know are visibly shown on my screen in a non-distractive layout. [Hit]



    Audio / Music

    One of RO’s attraction back then was the beauty of its soundtracks where each city would have its own theme. Some may disagree (please feel free to, I challenge you) but no other MMORPG has ever come close to the level of impact RO produced when it comes to music.

    • Ragnarok M Eternal Love bypassed the risk of having any setbacks by just re-using the old RO tracks. They did so however in the most sincere way, by re-arranging them a little and added in some fresh touches to the music pieces. Nostalgic, yet fresh, brilliant. [Hit]
    • Sound effects when you hit something or cast a skill are identical to that of the original RO. Nothing new here, but nothing wrong as well. [Hit]
    • There is an area in the game with a Jukebox where you can play/request the song you’d like and just take a break and chill to some nice music. There is an additional function that this area serves, which I will go into later on, but all in all, this is a touch. [Hit]


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    Combat Mechanism

    Here we go, exploring the most important aspect of this game. Whether or not this game produces fine moments where players could yield an adequate level of satisfaction after combat, or just yawn because it’s so easy one can just auto-play everything.

    • The existence of Auto-Play always instills the worry that the game would be boring after a while. In this game, however, the developer was careful with the implementation of the auto system; players can only rely on this for combats where they are absolutely sure can be won with both hands tied. For MVP fights or teamwork required events, one still needs to take control of their characters to have a chance at winning. The Auto system in this game is so versatile that it could act as a passive Bot (no human intervention) or as a support Macro (with human intervention). Since this is a mobile game, I would say this is a [Hit].
    • Combat remains largely the same as the original RO, employing the Rock, Paper and Scissor module. Straightforward and most importantly, friendly to new players. [Hit]
    • The technical part is toned down by many notches to suit the mobile gameplay experience but isn’t boring at all. There are many ways one can build their character to suit the take they wish to approach combat with. [Hit]



    Gameplay Experience

    • Combat Fatigue replaced Action Points (AP). Ragnarok M Eternal Love uses a Combat Fatigue system which allows its players up to 300 minutes (5 hours) of uninterrupted experience. This 300 minutes only apply exclusively to combat-related action, e.g when you are fighting mobs, excluding MVP fights. After exhausting the 5 hours per day, players will experience a huge drop in exp and loots gained. If a player used 3 out of the 5 hours given per day, the leftover 2 hours will be carried over to the next day, this method can be used to accumulate up to 900 minutes (15 hours) in total. This method beats the crap out of the AP system and only applies to Combat. Definitely a [Hit].
    • Combat Fatigue can be replenished up to 60 minutes a day via a simple trick. By hanging out near the jukebox machine I mentioned above and listen to some music. Spend 1 minute on music to gain back 1 minute combat time. Works up to 60 minutes per day max. A wonderful solution that does not involve players paying any cash is always a [Hit].
    • In the old Ragnarok Online, players gain exp by spending countless hours doing repetitive grind and hunts. Ragnarok Online 2 employed a quest-based system where players will find doing quests reward Exp more handsomely. Ragnarok M Eternal Love, however, mixes both together allowing players to earn EXP through both grinding or questing. [Hit]
    • The game developer employed a centralized economic system where the developer has a say on item prices. Players can no longer trade with each other directly, instead, they are to submit their loots to an “Exhange NPC” that works like a marketplace. The selling price is determined by the system, not the players. The system employs a formula that calculates the worth of an item based on the number of the same item currently being sold and the demand for it. This is perfect for fighting against any attempt by players to monopolize the market or anyone trying to do Real Money Trade (RMT). [Hit]
    • The fact that the developer is also selling the in-game currency via its cash shop puts me off a little. Who can guarantee that the developer won’t manipulate the prices in the marketplace to encourage sales of their currency in the cash shop? Unless there is a clear communication with their players on this part, this would be a [Miss].
    • One of Ragnarok’s most attractive design back then was the Multiplayer aspect of it. This game did well in this area by successfully bringing the full MMORPG experience into the mobile platform. Other than the annoyingly small chat function (which is understandable, but annoying still), partying with my friends to go for hunts is still something I look forward to. [Hit]
    Bunny’s Guild! By!

    Verdict :
    Love it, absolutely love it. I came into this game with a low level of expectation but was caught off-guard by the game’s preparations to surprise people. Watching the chats in guild channel waterfalling with grand plans to take on MVPs and other sorts of things really brings me back to the good old days. I’ve pointed out all the Hits and Misses I could find so far and the Hits have triumphed by miles.


    Score : 8/10


    Must Play: The game is free to play on both iOS and Android, so if you have the time and storage space for this game, you should really give it a go. Owh, and add me by the way if you are playing, the name is Zozi , server EN 18.


    Hey, if you need some tips on how to level up quickly in this game, check out this Quick Leveling Guide we made!

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