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    Mobile Android: Squids Odyssey available now

    Looking for that Rayman-ish type of art style game with an added spin of being a tactical turn-based RPG? Well, look no further as Squids Odyssey will fulfill that seafood craving of yours. Developed by Gamebakers, players will have to build their Squid Heroes for an epic battle against corrupted crabs and shrimps as the infectious ooze is corrupting their sea world.
    Check it out:

    Alot of Sea-classes to spare..

    There will be 15 different classes to choose from while trying to mix and match to get the most effective team. Additionally, there will be over 90 single player missions, taking about 15 hours of gameplay (Hard mode as well)

    This game is currently available in Playstore at Rm 20.99 for Android.

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