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    Mobile : MapleStory M Introduces Three New Explorer Classes

    MapleStory M, the free-to-play, massively multiplayer online mobile game for iOS and Android, has received a new content update that brings a multitude of new material for players, including three new explorer classes, improved equipment enhancement systems, and more.


    Starting today, players can delve into Maple World using three new unique explorer characters with different abilities. This includes the swift thief Shadower character who deals close-combat damage with a dagger, the Hero warrior who uses “Two-Handed Sword” and “Two-Handed Axe” as main weapons for powerful blows to enemies, and the Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning), the flashiest Magician Class of Maple World who uses Ice and Lightning properties to annihilate enemies.


    Players will also be able to enjoy a new equipment enhancement system. This update includes the Emblem Enhancement where “Emblem Trace” can be extracted from Elite items and can be used for “Emblem Enhancement” to elevate abilities of Emblem to be more powerful. It also features the Exaltation system where players must use Elite equipment that is identical to the base equipment or utilize Exaltation Stones as material during Exaltation.


    Additionally, there are new class growth support events and multiple Lunar New Year celebrations that players can enjoy and access for rewards and achievements.


    New Class Growth Support & Lunar New Year Events can be found here:

    • Hero/Shadower/Arch Mage (I/L) Update Celebration Event – Until January 31, players who log-on during the event period, will receive a one-time gift which includes character slot coupon, auto-battle charge ticket, and mysterious weapon/armor stone
    • Hero/Shadower/Arch Mage Burning Event – Until February 20, every time character levels up between level 3 and 75, they will earn 2 additional bonus levels for a total of 3 level ups
    • Hero/Shadower/Arch Mage (I/L) Growth Support Event – Also until February 20, “Growth Support” boxes will be distributed amongst players as they reach certain levels with new Explorer classes. The boxes includes Red Draco, flying mount pet, Master Explorer Medal, Explorer Flag Chair and various game items to boost character growth
    • New Year Wonder Wheel – From January 31 to February 14, players will be able to obtain tickets by hunting monsters and use to spin the Lucky Wonder Wheel up 5 times per day. Rewards include useful game items like EXP Increase Ticket, Auto-Battle Charge Ticket and “New Year Wonder Wheel Choice Box,” which includes Potential Stamp and Royal Coupon
    • Detective Kemdi Event – From January 31 to February 14, players will be able to use Code Hints to decode the safety box password and receive special rewards


    In addition, to celebrate Golden Pig’s Year, Special Lunar New Year event will be available from February 1 to February 10. Players who log on during this time will be able to claim rewards, including Golden Pig Hat, Damage Skin and special Pet Package into three time phase.

    MapleStory M reached 10 million downloads in 100 days into its global launch on July 2018 and is available free to play on iOS and Android.



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