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    Mobile : Hello Hero Epic Battle Launches Worldwide on iOS and Android

    Fincon Co., Ltd., a Korean developer and publisher of mobile games, announces the global release of their new 3D RPG mobile game, Hello Hero Epic Battle.
    The maker of the globally successful “Hello Hero”, Fincon Co., Ltd., has finally released its new 3D RPG mobile game, Hello Hero Epic Battle, worldwide (except Japan) today. Fans of the original “Hello Hero”, which has topped the charts in 49 countries with over 20 million users, can now meet numerous new characters in multiple game modes on Android and iOS.
    Fans of hero-collecting RPGs will be glad to hear that in Hello Hero Epic Battle, there are now more than 100 unique characters in 6 classes to choose from to complete your team of 5 heroes. Those heroes can be completely customized with costume parts such as wings, glasses, hats and much more. The game offers even more enhancement options with both heroes and their equipment being assigned to 4 Tiers ranging from a 1 to 7 Star Rating. These can be upgraded to increase the hero’s skills and stats.
    Hello Hero Epic Battle features hundreds of quests and missions in various challenging game modes. Among the PvE modes, the Adventure Mode offers a variety of battles in 7 regions, each with 4 levels of difficulty, that will put each team’s strength to the test. In the Expedition Mode, players can enter dungeons and collect heroes that can then be enhanced in the Workshop by creating and upgrading equipment. Aside from these modes, players can also compete against other in PvP game modes such as World Boss Mode, which consists of time-restricted dungeons with powerful bosses and rewards. In Conquest Mode, players have to fight waves of monsters that become stronger with each wave until all heroes in the player’s party are defeated. They can also enter the Battlefield Mode, a thrilling PvP Arena where players can pit their 10 strongest Heroes against other players in a fight to the last.
    In the RPG genre, Hello Hero Epic Battle stands out with its portrait mode which gives users the ability to play with one hand while maintaining easy access to all buttons. The captivating story and intuitive gameplay are complemented by beautifully 3D-animated cutscenes which feature the eccentric and unique heroes’ personalities. Players can also look forward to Smart Toy Figures of the game’s heroes which in addition to being beautiful collectibles will also provide exclusive downloadable content such as special in-game heroes.
    With the worldwide release, the Hello Hero Epic Battle team will be running a special Welcome Event for new players who will be receiving 5 Golden Card Packs, 600,000 Gold, 2,000 Diamonds and a 100% EXP Boost upon creating an account.
    Hello Hero Epic Battle is now available for free in the Apple App Store and at Google Play. For more information on new features and events, players are invited to check out the official Facebook community at


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