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    Mobile : BnB M Review

    This game review is powered by Honor Play with it’s Kirin 970 AI chipset | 6.3-inch Fullview display | GPU Turbo

    Developed By: Nexon

    Published By: Nexon Company

    Platforms: iOS / Android

    Reviewed On: Honor Play (Android)


    BnB M is one of the latest game offered by Nexon, the company behind famous titles such as Maple Story M, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, MARVEL Battle Lines and many more.
    The game is based on Nexon’s Crazy Arcade that was released on 2001 on PC. BnB (Bomb and Bubbles) is one of the game mode in Crazy Arcade, which is somewhat similar to Bomberman’s concept, with its own differences and distinctions. Nexon decided to bring BnB mode from Crazy Arcade and release it on mobile platform as a standalone game.



    I came across this game when my friend was playing it on his mobile phone. I thought it is a mobile version of Bomberman and turns out it is not, it is BnB M. The game employs very similar gameplay like Bomberman, whereby players are competing to eliminate each other by placing an exploding item, in this case it’s a bubble to eliminate your enemies. On the first glance, the game feels like a clone of its famous competitor. But after a couple of hands on sessions, BnB M is definitely not a copy and it does have its own core features that is unique to its own.



    It is rather easy to start playing BnB M because the file size to download from the store is just mere 50MB. After installing the game from store, there is some extra data requires to be downloaded, which total up around 200mb+-, which is relatively small for a game in this era. The only thing that bothers me a little is there are in game patches that happens quite frequently, fortunately each updates comes in relatively small size. In the era of all about nice looking and realistic design, the game uses chibi and comical style of artwork and graphic, which could explain the small game file size. By all mean it doesn’t mean the graphic is bad, rather I find it is very suitable artstyle in this genre as it gives a “cheerful” mood to the players.



    BnB M comes with a few different game modes. The default game mode is 2v2, where player will team up either with a friend or random players through matchmaking. There are 2 more game modes available under arcade and 2 more shows coming soon. The core game play is the same, by eliminating other players to win. But BnB M had implemented more features to make itself distinct from others. In order to score in this game, player has to use bubble to “bomb” their opponent, and by achieving that, opponent will be wrapped in a bubble. Player will need to pop the bubble by walking past them or using skills such as arrow to earn 1 poinnt. Each players are equipped with 2 default skills, needle and arrow. Needle can be used on bursting own bubble while arrow can be used on either bursting enemy’s bubble or team mate’s bubble. Player can also equipped with a super skill which has a longer cooldown period.




    As much as BnB M is a free to play game, but it also comes with micro-transactions which can be annoying at times. Player can choose to deploy different character that comes with different stats for speed, number of bombs that can be placed, and the power of bombs. Extra characters can be obtained via a virtual gacha machine which uses purple lucci (in-game currency), which player can earn from achievements, or via micro-transaction obviously. Each characters can be upgraded with extra character pieces from the same gacha machine. Super skill and Core can be obtained and upgraded with the same method as character with the same purple lucci as well. Skills are finite, each click on the skills will reduce from your inventory, which can be replenished by using lucci (another in-game currency), which player earn by completing each matches.


    Score : 7/10

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