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    Mobile : Emoji Mine – Catch the smileys is coming to IOS and Android

    IsTom Games is announced to be publishing Emoji Mine – Catch the smileys – a physics-based puzzle game with a colourful aesthetic based on emoticons. The player must ‘save’ or ‘collect’ emojis by manipulating the level, guiding the emojis to fall into the save zone area, avoiding the dangerous level assets that would destroy the emojis. The goal is to preserve a minimum set number of emojis to complete a given level while keeping more of them alive will earn a higher star rating for the player.


    Emoji Mine – Catch the smileys

    These poor emoticons – cramped together, no arms, or legs, just those cheery, or frowny faces. All they can really do is roll around… Right into spikes, grinders, beartraps, explosives, knives, acid lakes, scissors, gunfire, lava pits. They are not the brightest, let’s be honest. It’s up to you to help them out.
    Guide your emoji buddies through physics-based levels filled with traps, spikes and explosions. Save them, or sacrifice them… for the greater good of course!



    • Manipulate their surroundings to guide the emojis to the safe zone at the bottom of the level.
    • Avoid the hazardous elements on the level – or use them to your advantage.
    • Keep as many of the smileys safe as you can, to earn a three-star rating.
    • Easy to pick up.
    • Numerous levels, with increasing difficulty.
    • Customize the emoticons, with unlockable skins.


    Emoji Mine is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.


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