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    Black Desert Mobile – World Boss Season 2 Begins. Accessory Enchantment Added. Dark Knight Class Coming Soon.

    World Boss Season 2 Begins in Black Desert Mobile
    The second season for World Bosses in Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert Mobile has commenced, introducing bosses more powerful and of course, more valuable rewards.

    Having returned much stronger, defeating World Bosses Nouver, Karanda, and Kzarka will require more strategic skills and determination from Adventurers. When defeated, these monsters will drop more precious items such as higher-grade Black Stones, gear, and accessories.

    Accessory Enchantment
    Accessory Enchantment has been added to Black Desert Mobile. The new feature requires both silver and Magical Essence, which can be earned by feeding the Black Spirit a certain grade of accessories. Magical Essence can also be purchased at the Pearl Shop starting today.

    Dark Knight
    Dark Knight, one of Black Desert’s most popular classes, is finally coming to Black Desert Mobile! Before this deadly-yet-beautiful class arrives, Adventurers can get a sneak peek of this class by participating in the pre-registration event. They can pre-register through the in-game event tab until March 24, where they can receive a special item box that can be opened after Dark Knight launches.

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