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    Mobile – Sengoku Basara: Battle Party Debut Trailer

    Sometimes dreams do come true with this cute alternate take on Sengoku Basara coming from Capcom. The debut trailer of Sengoku Basara: Battle Party is here and this will mark the series first foray into mobile gaming. Aim to create your own team of commanders and unify Japan.

    Gather your forces

    And mow down your enemies with your selected warlords with this war features:

    • With the “War Bonds Battle System”, increase your Atk power as you build your gauge for connecting each warlord. Comes with auto-play and acceleration as well
    • Newly recorded voice acting conversations
    • Train your favorite warlords!
    • Sort your units with all sorts of formation from a preemptive strike formation to a protect-and-turnabout formation
    • Friends chat are available
    • Rank your way into history with all sorts of ranking

    Join the troops this coming June 2019 for Japan release.

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