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    Mobile: How to play “Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space”

    WFS has recently revealed yet another “How to Play” game play trailer for their upcoming game Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space. Lets learn about it more below:


    Key areas featured in this game:

    • Seamless exploration without loading screen and wait time(Woahh)
    • Travel through Past, Present and Future
    • The battle will be classic JRPG style with swapping party members anytime
    • In battle, when the gauge is filled up, you are able to stop time, unleashing each characters ultimate moves called Another Force
    • Level up is available with choices of mastering special skills or stats


    Another Eden is currently available for Android and iOS in Japan and will follow up soon up with a Western release (US, Canada, and Australia) and Asia on January 28, 2019. For our previous post on this game, kindly refer to this provided link. If you have missed it’s previous trailer, refer to below video:

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