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    Mind-Bending Trailer Unveiled For Mysterious First-Person Puzzler Viewfinder

    A new trailer for Viewfinder, a mysterious first-person puzzle adventure developed by SOS (Sad Owl Studios), and published by Thunderful, was unveiled at the Future Games Show. The trailer showcases more of Viewfinder’s mind-bending mechanics that see you reshaping reality as a means to solve puzzling conundrums. Viewfinder is coming to PlayStation 5 as a console launch exclusive and PC in 2023.

    In Viewfinder, you explore a beautiful and fun world full of mystery. Photos, paintings, sketches, screenshots, and posters can be placed in the world to become a fabric of its reality, reshaping the environment around you. This unique mechanic delights in the way it plays with perception, evolving in surprising directions that keep players challenged with every new puzzle they encounter.

    The new trailer showcases just some of the creative puzzle-solving possibilities that Viewfinder’s unique mechanics unlock, as well as gives the first hints at the story underlying the game’s surreal and intriguing world. If that’s not enough, it’s also got a cat!

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