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    Master Of Knights Launches July 27th

    NEOWIZ, led by Co-CEOs Seung-Chul Kim and Tae-Geun Bae, is pleased to announce the commencement of pre-registration for the highly anticipated global launch of “Master of Knights: Seven Trials” (also known as “Master of Knights”). The game is launching on iOS and Android devices this July 27th.

    “Master of Knights” is an exciting turn-based strategic role-playing game (SRPG) currently being developed by NEOWIZ. With a stunning lineup of 50 vibrant characters and 75 spell cards designed to ignite players’ collection desires, the game offers a thrilling experience. Players can strategically combine and arrange these characters and cards to engage in tactical battles. The official launch of “Master of Knights” is scheduled for the end of July.

    In “Master of Knights,” players embark on a captivating journey as a newly arrived deity in the continent of Lemuria. Their mission is to rally knights and safeguard the continent against the encroaching Elders while restoring peace. The game beautifully captures the essence of a classic adventure narrative, pitting players against increasingly formidable foes, including the Four Elder Kings, accompanied by elegant illustrations.

    While many existing SRPGs are becoming increasingly intricate, “Master of Knights” stands out with its unique gameplay style reminiscent of playing chess on a confined 5×5 tile grid. Within this limited space, each class’s attack range and movement are reimagined, enabling players to have strategic fun with simple controls. Furthermore, the game introduces a spell card system akin to a Trading Card Game (TCG), adding a multitude of variables to enhance strategic enjoyment and speed up gameplay.

    “Master of Knights” also incorporates various features to enhance player convenience. These include an automatic battle reward system that allows players to accumulate growth resources over time, a skip system without limits, and a dedicated automatic battle system. These features aim to alleviate the burden of repetitive gameplay for users.

    To pre-register for “Master of Knights,” interested players can visit the official website or the Google Play Store. By participating in the pre-registration, players will immediately receive exclusive rewards, including the SR grade knight “Titania” and 1,000 Gems.

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