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    Marvel’s Spider-Man – [Photo Mode] Take a selfie wherever you go because you can!

    Marvel’s Spider-Man is around the corner (*Cough cough* I’ve pre-ordered) developer Insomniac has confirmed a play time of 20 hours for the game’s campaign; so how do you actually extend those hours? By swinging around like a silly and taking photos of course!


    Insomniac showed off the game’s day one update, *drum rolls* a photo mode (Everyone’s favorite). Take a selfie for souvenirs as you are web swinging, fighting or smacking the shit out of a boss, all the while with the handy photo mode on the ready .


    Access the photo mode via pause menu; you may even add filters, emotes, blend, frame selection tool, layer and many more. Just to get the right expression or a comic book feel. Heck, you can make a comic book story out of it if you like. Or, why not share it to your Xbox Friends like I would? To show them that we care. Sharing is caring right? And a subtle message of “sucks to be you bruh”. Just kidding! (The line is meant as a joke among console gamers, please don’t sue.)

    Coming real soon for the PlayStation 4 on September 7, 2018. Have you pre-ordered it yet? Not convinced?
    For more info on the game’s combat mechanics, here’s a link to our previous report and first impressions link.




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