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    Marenian Tavern Story coming to PS4 and Switch

    Publisher Kemco has released an announcement stating that it’s RPG style tavern management Marenian Tavern Story: Patty and the Hungry God will be heading to PlayStation 4 this November for Japan and Switch this coming winter for Japan as well.
    Check out it’s trailer below:



    It all starts with a debt

    The game stars Patty and her brother Gino who has been possessed by the God of Poverty; causing the whole family sunk into a hole of debt. In order to service that debt, Patty opens a tavern in Marenia and requires the player to learn to pick up ingredients and start cooking.

    A slight deviation from the normal RPG is your characters won’t level up by defeating monsters but by eating the food itself. So train your way into conquering dungeons in order to obtain new ingredients, fishing and farming our way into solving the debt!.

    As it is already out for Android and iOS, check out its link for installation via Android and iOS App Store. In addition to that, Kemco has released a new English website, for the PS4 and Switch release as well.

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