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    Magic: The Gathering Invites You To Attend A Vampire Wedding In Its Latest Set, Crimson Vow

    Wizards of the Coast will be releasing its newest set for its oldest and best trading card game, Magic: The Gathering, on 19 November named, Crimson Vow. This 267 card set, is set in the lavish halls of the affluent Voldaren Estate on the fan-favourite Innistrad plane. Crimson Vow is brimming with Vampire goodness (including Dracula inspired cards) as it unites Vampires with Werewolves in an epic conclusion to Magic’s Halloween-themed saga.

    Following the story and themes of the Midnight Hunt card set last September, Crimson Vow brings players back to the land of fear. The efforts to reverse the day/night cycle imbalance during Midnight Hunt failed, and eternal darkness now threatens to befall the plane of Innistrad. Crimson Vow follows the journey of Sorin, an iconic Vampire Planeswalker, who attempts to thwart the fiendish Vampire noblewoman, Olivia Voldaren, and her plans to wed herself to the Markov bloodline and assume control over the plane.

    Great feasts, extravagant costumes and eternally undead patrons await the wedding ceremony of Crimson Vow, which introduces fiendish new mechanics in the fight to return day to Innistrad. Blood tokens are the signature mechanic of Vampires and can be sacrificed in addition to discarding a card to draw another card. Humans fighting against the horrors of the night also have a unique ability of their own, with the new mechanic, Training, providing a +1/+1 counter whenever a creature attacks with another creature of greater power. For new spells, Cleave can be used to alter their function by omitting words in their description, allowing for more tactical play against opponents. Sacrifice a creature each time to unleash the power of new ones through Exploit, a familiar mechanic which debuts in Innistrad sets.

    Paying homage to iconic gothic lore, Crimson Vow resurrects the legendary Vampire Dracula, who appears in multiple alternate forms in foil and non-foil treatments.

    Fang Frame card treatments are available alongside the Count, each decorated with a unique border design as extravagant as the characters they contain.

    Returning from Midnight Hunt, Eternal Night Legendary Creatures, Lands also feature in Crimson Vow. These will be available in Draft Boosters, Set Boosters and Collector Boosters, including the Crimson Vow Bundle.

    Magic: The Gathering, Crimson Vow will be out for MTG Arena and MTGO on 11 November and will be out for tabletop on 19 November.

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