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    Magic: The Gathering Unveils ‘Commander Masters’ Set

    In a thrilling development for fans of the renowned trading card game, Magic: The Gathering (MTG), Wizards of the Coast has announced the forthcoming release of ‘Commander Masters.’ As the latest addition to the MTG universe, this set is expected to captivate players with its unique features and engaging gameplay.

    Notably, ‘Commander Masters’ stands out as the first Masters set tailored explicitly for the popular ‘Commander’ format, which has garnered immense popularity among MTG aficionados worldwide. This eagerly anticipated release comprises a carefully curated selection of beloved reprints, sure to evoke nostalgia among long-time players, alongside an impressive array of 40 all-new, potent cards specially designed for the multiplayer format.

    Enthusiasts and collectors alike can mark their calendars for the exclusive tabletop launch of ‘Commander Masters’ on 4 August, where it will be made available at local game stores and various online retailers. This strategic move by Wizards of the Coast aims to cater to the diverse preferences of players, offering them a chance to bolster their decks with exciting new additions and classic favorites.

    As the countdown to the release date begins, anticipation and excitement continue to build, as players gear up to explore the possibilities and embrace the challenges that ‘Commander Masters’ will undoubtedly bring to the world’s oldest and most beloved trading card game, MTG.

    All the Power. All the Style.

    New collectable versions of fan favourite cards are the stars of Commander Masters, including treatments such as the new Borderless Frame Break style where artwork explodes out of the card. Fan favourite foil treatments, etched and textured, return for those looking to add particularly rare and exciting cards to their collection. A series of Legendary creatures will also receive alternate art with the Borderless Profile series that shines them in a new light. All Borderless versions of cards are available in every type of booster pack, making this the most accessible Masters set for collectors to date.

    Ultimate power, right out of the box.

    Commander Masters also offers four high-powered preconstructed 100-card Commander Decks, allowing players to jump right into a Commander game. Each deck is built around a popular and powerful archetype, not seen in preconstructed Commander decks to date! All four decks contain 10 newly-designed cards, a foil-etched Commander, and cards of a much higher power level to what players are used to. Commander is the most popular and most played format in MTG, and this set provides the perfect preconstructed experience.

    Commander Masters includes Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, Collector Boosters, and Commander Decks. For more information on MTG Commander Masters, visit

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