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    Lumencraft Bringing Top-Down Survival Shooter With A Dash Of Tower Defense To Early Access Launch

    Drill the hell out of place, shoot enemies and blow them up with the early access launch of Lumencraft. As showcased by the trailer below by developer 2Dynamic Games and publisher Star Drifters – when in doubt either use dynamite or base build your way to victory as players drill through the fully destructible environment to reach precious resources and spend them on weapons and tools protecting the last bastion of humanity.

    Source: Star Drifters

    Features as shared on Steam:

    The year 2221: More than two centuries ago, the surface of the planet became uninhabitable. The remnants of humanity struggle to survive without electricity and light. Dreams of a better future died long ago, but a recently discovered mineral has brought a spark of hope. Lumen, a crystal with high energy potency, maybe the last chance for a struggling civilization. Scouts, brave miners, have been sent underground to a settlement near the Lumen deposits. New scouts continue to join this mission, but so far, no one has returned. It seems that the darkness of the underground holds more than just natural riches…

    Fight for your survival. Enemies are going to raid your base so be careful and leave some turrets on the watch.

    • Defending the underground settlement by direct combat and the use of diversified turrets.
    • Highly efficient and satisfying digging mechanics.
    • Explosive weapons. Yes, we have dynamite.

    With a lot of effort and a set of original algorithms, 2Dynamic Games have transformed the open-source Godot Engine into a completely new tool. This allows every bit of terrain (pixel, as we used to call them) to be destroyed, and maps can be painted as if in a drawing program. What’s more?

    • Dynamic lights and pixel-perfect interaction with the fully destructible terrain.
    • The dread atmosphere is created through the impactful sound design and a unique 2Dynamic lighting system.
    • Realistic simulations. Just look at the lava!
    Easily create stunning maps with moldable terrain and many of objects to choose from. Then, invite your friends to play in your custom map!

    Map editor allows to create many game types (e.g. tower defense, action, survival or mix of them), define starting technologies/upgrades and of course the goals. We hope that the community will fill in the Steam Workshop with many great maps.


    • The game already allows for tens of hours of gameplay with first maps provided (grouped in the sandbox, adventure, and challenge categories) with all of the core features completely.
    • Lumencraft is now in the Early Access stage, which means we are still adding new features and polishing already implemented ideas.
    • Early Access offers multiple maps without progression between them and a map editor allowing to create own levels.
    • The full version will offer a progression system through nonlinear missions (campaign mode), which is not available yet.
    • Please look at the DEVELOPMENT ROADMAP section above to check our plans for the next months.
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