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    LEGO 2K Drive Drive Pass Season 4 Out Today

    2K and the LEGO Group have announced that LEGO 2K Drive will be getting its fourth Drive Pass today, 13 March. In the free update, players can play through 100 tiers, with the ability to earn 21 free rewards including four vehicles, five brick packs, five drivers and more. Season 4 also introduces an entirely new biome and new game modes available to all players.

    • Stargaze Summit – The icy mountain range and tundras of Stargaze Summit capture the majesty of the frozen north, but things will get extra cold when players start cruising through outer space in later races. As players explore this frigid expanse, they’ll find seven races, three challenges, and nine On-the-Go (OTG) events. Make sure to keep a lookout for hidden Herring Barrel collectables while dashing through the snow!
    • Goal Karts Hockey – Players can take their custom ride to the ice, slam into a gigantic puck, and use teamwork to score in Goal Karts Hockey, a new 3v3 online multiplayer mode** that can also be played in 1v1 local split screen. It’s absolute chaos in the rink as both teams try to knock the colossal puck into the opposing goal, all while activating destructive Power-Ups that can blast the other team to bits.
    • Time Trial Races – Time Trial mode is a new way for players to test driving abilities as they strive for even faster times. In these races, it’s just the player and the track, so there won’t be any distractions while trying to beat their personal best. Players have the option to race against a Ghost of their best time as they continue to refine their route, and they can compete on the Leaderboards in an effort to overcome any friends who posted a faster time.
    • Special Flairs In The Garage – All players will also find new Special Flairs to collect and add to their collection in The Garage. Special Flairs have unique effects – like notifying players when they’re near a collectable item, or a full-on flamethrower that can melt other vehicles and the environment – and can only be used in single-player and non-competitive modes. Collect them all by completing Stargaze Summit’s races and add them to vehicles for some extra fun!

    Those who purchase the Premium Drive Pass for Season 4, which is included in the Year 1 Drive Pass, will also have the ability to earn 84 Premium Rewards including nine new Vehicles and 10 new Drivers. Players can earn creations inspired by the all-new biome, Stargaze Summit, including new Viking and sci-fi-themed creations and more. With Premium Drive Pass Season 4, players can also take their creativity in the Garage to new heights with new Brick Packs, Stickers, Sounds, and Flairs.

    There are no time limits for LEGO 2K Drive Seasons so players can pick up and play each Season at their own pace. The Premium Drive Pass for Season 4 is included in the Year 1 Drive Pass and is also available for individual purchase. Players who have been playing through the Free version of Season 4 and decide to upgrade to the Premium version of Drive Pass Season 4, will instantly unlock all the Premium Rewards they have earned based on their current level.

    LEGO 2K Drive is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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