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    LEGO 2K Drive – Drive Pass Season 3 Out Now

    2K and LEGO Group has revealed that the third Drive Pass Season is out now for LEGO 2K Drive. This new season brings 100 tiers to play through with the ability to earn 23 free rewards, including four vehicles, five Brick Packs, five drivers and more. The latest free update also features Timed Tasks that help speed up progression as well as new ways to play like Custom Rules mode in multiplayer and Reverse Races.

    New ways to play Drive Pass Season 3 include:

    • Earn New Rewards – Drive Pass Season 3 is packed with a huge variety of Free and Premium Rewards to spark imagination and help differentiate players from other racers. Free Vehicles in Season 3 include a four-wheeled chunk of cheese and a big rig that’d be right at home in a post-apocalyptic wasteland!
    • Speed Up Progression With Timed Tasks – The newly added Timed Tasks allow players to earn rewards even faster thanks to a wide variety of Daily and Weekly objectives that can be completed to snag extra Brickbux and bonus Drive Pass XP.
    • New Custom Rules Mode – Players can rearrange the rules with the Custom Rules mode that’s now available in Play With Friends multiplayer, including Shared World, Race, and Brick Brawl!** With a huge range of variables players can tweak to their liking, exciting Custom Rules rulesets can be created for unlimited fun. In addition, the newly added Reverse Races let you drive certain tracks backwards.
    • Access Unique Customizations – The Garage now includes a Part Locator tool that lets players search for specific Brick types via their respective ID numbers, making unique customization even more accessible.

    For those who purchase the Premium Drive Pass for Season 3, which is included in the Year 1 Drive Pass, Premium Drive Pass Season 3 unlocks the ability to earn a total of 84 Premium Rewards, including: 9 Vehicles, 25 Brick Packs, 10 Drivers, 6 Flairs, 8 Sounds, 26 Stickers, and more. Those players who have been playing through the Free version of Season 3 and decide to upgrade to the Premium version of Drive Pass Season 3 will instantly unlock all the Premium Rewards earned thus far based on their current level.

    In addition, LEGO 2K Drive Seasons are not time-limited, so players can pick up and play each Season at their own pace, making this the perfect title for players of all skill levels who want to experience all the content the game has to offer.

    Lego 2K Drive is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC ith Drive Pass Season 3 out now.

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