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    Last Epoch Pre-Order Details Revealed As Launch Trailer Goes Live In Time For 1.0 Launch On February 21st

    Eleventh Hour Games, the maverick indie studio that started from a Reddit post, has detailed the pre-order Deluxe and Ultimate Editions for the upcoming action RPG Last Epoch, ahead of its full 1.0 release on February 21st.

    Trailer Details

    The trailer highlights the story and world of Eterra, the varied character classes, combat, and clashes that players can expect from the next great action RPG.

    Having already sold over 1 million copies while in Early Access, Last Epoch will be available in three versions – including at its original price of $34.99 – with exclusive cosmetics.

    We’re honored and humbled that the Last Epoch community has grown to one million players – Being fans of the genre first and foremost, we’ve always kept close to our community and tried to reflect the needs and wishes of the players as we craft an action RPG for the ages.

    Judd Cobler – Founder and CEO of EHG, and game director on Last Epoch.

    The three editions of Last Epoch are;

    • Standard Edition – $34.99: offering the same outstanding value that has already attracted over 1 million players, the entry-level Standard Edition pre-order comes with the Golden Guppy exclusive pet.

    • Deluxe Edition – $49.99: As well as the cute Golden Guppy, the Deluxe Edition includes the full game soundtrack as a digital download*, and 50 Epoch Points. On February 21st it will unlock the Adolescent Chronowyrm cosmetic pet, the Fallen Ronin cosmetic armor set, and the Firefly’s Refuge cosmetic portal.

    • Ultimate Edition – $64.99: As well as the cosmetics and soundtrack* from the Deluxe Edition, the Ultimate Edition includes 100 Epoch Points and from February 21 unlocks the Temporal Guardian cosmetic armor set, the Twilight Fox cosmetic pet, the Adult Chronowyrm cosmetic pet, and the Celestial Way cosmetic portal.

    Players who already own Last Epoch can upgrade to the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions on Steam, and as a launch week bonus, from February 22nd fans can also check the Last Epoch category on Twitch to earn unique free loot via Twitch Drops.

    Last Epoch is available to pre-order now on Steam.
    * May be delivered at a later date following the release of patch 1.0.

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