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    Last Epoch Reveals Gameplay Trailer For First Major Update Harbingers of Ruin

    Eleventh Hour Games, the maverick indie studio that started from a Reddit post, is hyped to release the first gameplay trailer for Last Epoch Cycle 1.1 – Harbingers of Ruin.

    Due for release on July 9th, Harbingers of Ruin is the first major update for hit action RPG Last Epoch, adding new gameplay features and multiple community-requested quality-of-life enhancements.

    Harbingers of Ruin will add a terrifying new Pinnacle Boss to Last Epoch – Aberroth – available for new cycle characters both in Offline and Legacy realms, with a release timing that offers a level playing field for all players. This unique approach was conceived with the help of the Last Epoch community, with the thought process and player voting detailed in a recent blog post.

    Alongside new random encounters, players will also be able to fight using a new Dodge Roll evasive move, with the update also adding multiple quality-of-life improvements – full details can be read on the official Last Epoch forum.

    The release of Harbingers of Ruin will be supported on launch day and beyond with streamers gifting exclusive items through Twitch drops. Last Epoch is also proud to be included in its first-ever Steam Summer Sale on June 27, offering incredible value for players looking to experience the hit action RPG ahead of the release of Harbingers of Ruin.

    Last Epoch players should also keep an eye out for the upcoming Race Event, The Light Before The Dark, with the Headmasters of the College of Welryn revealing details of this Lore Hunt on July 3rd.

    Last Epoch is an action RPG with 15 mastery classes, developed by a group of passionate role-playing enthusiasts. Players explore dangerous dungeons, craft legendary weapons, hunt epic loot and fight their way across the land and times of Eterra, in a game that has already sold well over 1 million copies on Steam.

    Last Epoch Cycle 1.1 – Harbingers of Ruin is due for launch July 9 on Steam.

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