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    Kill la Kill the Game: IF reveals more characters

    Publisher Arc System Works recently released a new dazzling fighting gameplay video of Kill la Kill the Game: IF announcing new characters based on the anime of the same name, characters such as Ira Gamagoori, Uzu Sanageyama, Nonon Jakuzure and Houka Inumuta. Video courtesy of Gematsu (21 minutes video):



    Feel free to skip to the following fights based on the timing below:

    1. 0:00 to 5:55 – Nonon Jakuzure + Satsuki Kiryuin
    2. 6:06 to 10:10 – Houka Inumuta + Ryuko Matoi
    3. 10:20 to 16:00 – Houka Inumuta + Satsuki Kiryuin
    4. 16:18 to 21:36 – Uzu Sanageyama + Ira Gamagoori


    This game is due out for worldwide release on 2019 for PlayStation 4 and PC. For more gameplay video, check out our previous link.

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