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    Join the fun multiplayer party with Headsnatchers coming to the Switch this November!

    Heads up fellow gamers, you know it’s about time to play the party game Headsnatchers, firstly announced for Switch release in November 2019 by both publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer IguanaBee. Check out the previous PC trailer below:

    Lets put our heads together!

    Choose over 100 unique heads to place on tops of your character and make sure that it stays on your shoulders while trying to snatch everyone else’s. Once you snatch an opponents head, try to use it in order to score for points. This game requires cooperation and quick reflexes, with optional offline, Local Multiplayer or online “test your friendships” play as well.

    Key heads up features

    • In variety, choose between 4 different game modes on over 25 unique environments with its own set of rules and weapons.
    • If you dislike the ready-made heads, you can customize your own.
    • Set up traps, destroy objects and even summoning a tentacled sea creature in this fully interactive environments.
    • Single-player Zombie mode, for that infested me-time.

    While Headsnatchers is heading for Switch this coming November, followed by PlayStation 4 and full PC version later in 2019.

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