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    JackQuest: The Tale Of the Sword

    Created by Indie developer NX games, JackQuest is a Metroidvania style game is sure to turn some heads with the large sword and flailing scarf while you traverse the game’s levels. Check it out in action below:


    It has a very simple premise, the hero is trying to save his love life (the love of his life i mean), Nara from clutches of an evil orc named Korg (all he was trying to do is start a revolution with his best bud). The sword he carries actually houses the soul of a cursed prince trapped inside. Together they can swing, power up, solve puzzles, defeat enemies and bosses while exploring Korgs base (and develop the best friendship of all time between man and sword hopefully)

    There will be further gameplay reveals at AUS 2018

    JackQuest will be out in late 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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