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    ‘Islanders’ co-creator shows some chill and therapeutic glide with ‘The Ramp’

    Developer Paul Schnepf aka Hyperparadise (best known as the co-founder of Grizzly Games, makers of Islanders and Superflight) has released the launch date trailer for his first solo project The Ramp. The game, which Schnepf describes as a ‘digital skateboarding toy’, will be out on Steam on August 3rd.

    Chill out, do tricks, and look damn cool. In The Ramp, players must focus their energy and go with the flow, listening to a chilled-out soundtrack as they roam free across four wildly different levels – from a simple halfpipe to a multi-story jump ramp. With nothing to unlock, kill or collect, The Ramp aims to capture the delight of skateboarding in its purest form. Enjoy tons of flow and dive into satisfying unique skateboarding gameplay that is easy to learn and hard to master.

    ‘I always wished a game like this existed – Then I realized I could just make it myself. Being a game developer kind of rules.’

    Paul Schenpf – The Ramp Creator


    • Born to ride – A stripped-back experience that captures the essence of real-life vert skateboarding.
    • Board games – Fly, spin and grind through a choice of four levels, including an empty pool, a half-pipe, and one humongous mega jump..
    • All on the table – There are no points, levels or unlockables. Any trick can be performed at any time… provided you’ve got the skills.
    • Pocket pedigree – Created by Paul Schnepf, co-founder of the studio that made Islanders and Superflight.
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