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    Switch Up The Flow As The Ramp Lands Onto Nintendo Switch On March 17th!

    Publisher Coatsink and developers Hyperparadise announce The Ramp, a digital pure simple pickup and play flow toy for skateboard lovers out there.

    Source: Coatsink

    The Ramp will release for Nintendo Switch and will be available on March 17, 2022, priced at £4.79,$5.99 USD,€4.99,¥574 SRP. The Ramp comes with simple and intuitive controls, giving you the freedom to skate however you want without the extra gaming fluff.
    Shred through a Halfpipe, get big air on the Mega Ramp or hone your skills and get into the flow creating your perfect line. The Ramp is a small digital toy, with no scores, no missions, no unlockables. Designed by a Skater for skateboard lovers wanting to relax, find a flow, and enjoy the act of skateboarding in its purest form.
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