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    Futuristic racing game Ion Driver released EXCLUSIVELY on PlayStation 4 now!

    Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIE España) has announced that the exclusive PlayStation futuristic racing game Ion Driver is now available as a digital title on the PS Store for PlayStation 4. The game has been developed by the Spanish studio Moon Whale Studio as part of the PlayStation Talents initiative.

    Ion Driver is a futuristic racing game of breakneck speed, dangerous twisting tracks, and complex controls. Every ship possesses different attributes (Speed, Weight, Vitality, Magnetism…) that impact their performance, as well as the game’s mechanics depending on the track. Players will have to test their skills and concentration, as just a simple mistake will end their hopes on the track.

    Ion Driver’s players will experience a tribute to classic arcade racing games with a futuristic twist, such as classics as WipeOut. Some of its new mechanics include triggers that allow the player to strafe laterally without turning, as well as drifting when pressing both at the same time or an enhanced magnetism that will allow drivers to keep their ships close to the track when they lose grip due to fast speeds. Ion Driver’s ships have health, meaning that crashing or being attacked by other players may end your participation in the race… unless you are able to recover your health by driving over special regeneration zones.

    Key Features:

    • Compete in fast paced, challenging yet gratifying futuristic races.
    • Customize your ship’s statistics to ride a truly unique vehicle.
    • Remember some of the genre’s classics thanks to an art style that ressembles old gems such as WipeOut.
    • Enjoy an original soundtrack that mixes different genres.

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