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    Interesting Indie Kickstarter’s: Meifumado And Sons of Valhalla

    It isn’t every day that I come across interesting Kickstarter indie titles, especially when it is about east and west making 2D action titles with swords slicing and axe smashing pixelated bloody goodness.


    One such title is a post-apocalyptic world-inspired Japan with RPG elements called Meifumado by OldBit. Featuring an in-depth combat system and puts a heavy focus on RPG elements allowing players to change the course of the story and its ending depending on the choices they make throughout the game.

    Currently still in plans to release on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X|S, Nintendo Switch.

    Source: Old Bit Studio

    In terms of combat, players can switch up to different weapons depending on the preference of speed or that fulfilling heavy attacks fighting style. Moreover, social distancing is an option by shooting bows, shurikens, and throwing bombs is an alternative option that gives it that explosive punch. Besides selling, utilize collected items as well by crafting to upgrade or find diagrams to forge your very own weapons, food recipes, and even drugs to give that extra buff.

    • Deep combat system offering multiple fighting styles, special attacks/abilities, sub-weapons, and various weapon types.
    • Different non-combat skills: crafting, hunting, stealing.
    • Exploration of a vast, detailed open world, consisting of many different kinds of locations divided into multiple Metroidvania-structured levels; each with its unique environment and atmosphere.
    • Heavy focus on RPG elements: choices with consequences, multiple endings depending on player’s actions, factions with their own ideologies, that players can join.
    • Story-driven side quests with multiple ways to complete.
    • Numerous side activities: guarding or raiding caravans, participation in fighting tournaments, gambling.
    • Highly detailed, beautiful pixel art with fluid animations

    Sons of Valhalla

    Breath in the atmosphere as a 2D base-building strategy game, Sons of Valhalla by Pixel Chest catapults players into the age of Vikings. Current plans of release primarily focused on PC, followed by Xbox and Nintendo Switch port as soon as possible.

    Source: Sons of Valhalla

    Features as shared on Kickstarter

    Intense Action Battles

    • You will fight waves of opponents whose skills will steadily improve.

    24-Weather System

    • Experience a wonderful daily cycle and a variety of weather conditions.
    24h Day & Night Cycle
    Weather System

    Boss Fights

    • Intense boss fights are waiting for you.

    Base Building

    • Build buildings, towers, and a wall to withstand a siege.

    Command Units

    • Train units and command them in combat.

    Fortress Raid

    • Fight to conquer new fortresses and siege them if necessary.

    Ranged Weapons

    • Fight the enemy from the distance with a variety of ranged weapons.


    • A good placed burning tar trap can make your opponent sweat. But also other traps like a bear trap or a spike trap can be useful.


    • Sail with ships


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