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    Improvements & Bug Fixes Coming To Call Of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone Season 2

    December last year, Call of Duty released its global rollout of the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat kernel-level driver on PC. This is one element of a multi-faceted anti-cheat security initiative, which also includes game monitoring, server-security updates, account authentication updates, and more.

    Since its launch, there has been a significant drop in in-game cheat reporting, according to internal data. #TeamRICOCHET was able to catch and disable accounts quickly, bringing cheating within Warzone to an all-time low during the holiday break. More information about this will be released in a RICOCHET Anti-Cheat™ Progress Report in the Call of Duty blog dropping this weekend, which will include an overview of data collection and in-game mitigations, changes to our Security and Enforcement Policy, and a reaffirmation of their commitment to prevent and combat cheating wherever possible.

    They also delayed the release of Season Two of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone. The delay was to give them time to include fixes and quality of life updates as outlined in the second Status Report on February 11, along with official patch notes from Raven Software and Sledgehammer Games.

    The entire Call of Duty team appreciates your patience over this past month and beyond. To show thanks, they will be kicking off the season with a weekend full of Double XP and free gifts for the community:

    Max Double XP Weekend

    From 19 February at 2 AM GMT+8 to 23 February at 2 AM GMT+8, Vanguard and Warzone will kick off the weekend with the Max Double XP event.

    Throughout the Max Double XP event, all players can enjoy double earn rates for Regular XP, Weapon XP, Operator XP, Battle Pass XP, and Clan XP (note: Clan XP is exclusive to Vanguard).

    A Free Bundle and 10 Free Tier Skips

    During this Max Double XP event, all Vanguard and Warzone players can pick up a brand-new Forbidden Sacrifice Bundle before it goes into the Store.

    This nine-item bundle includes a Legendary Operator Skin, two Legendary Weapon Blueprints – one reliable SMG kitted for tactical close-range engagements and a fast-firing Assault Rifle equipped with attachments that help keep you off the radar – and a Battle Pass Tier Skip… completely free.

    In addition to this free bundle, players will also get 10 free Battle Pass Tier Skips – 11 total across the bundle; over $20 USD in total value.

    To get these limited-time gifts, simply log into Vanguard or Warzone between 2 AM GMT+8 19 February and 2 AM GMT+8 23 February.

    If you do not receive this free bundle or the Tier Skips, contact Activision Support.

    Whether it’s levelling up new weapons, unlocking all the new content in the Season Two Battle Pass, or playing with friends over the weekend, this event is their way of saying thank you for playing the new season of Vanguard and Warzone.

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