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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III And Warzone Season 1 Patch Note Is Out

    Activision Blizzard has released the patch notes for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone. Season 1 Reloaded will see Modern Warfare III receiving an all-new 6v6 Multiplayer map, new weapons and new game modes including the much-awaited MWIII Ranked Play.

    New 6v6 Multiplayer Map – Rio

    Deploy to an upscale shopping centre in Rio de Janeiro in a new medium-sized 6v6 Multiplayer map featuring a central indoor mall surrounded by Main Street, a tram station, a market, a plaza and café, and residential spaces. Use the covered walkway to get above your enemies or take cover near an armoured vehicle when fighting on street level. The mall itself rises toward the middle, so watch for enemies playing king of the hill on approach.

    New Operators

    A-Train: Rush through the competition with the Tracer Pack: The Boys – A-Train Operator Bundle.

    Firecracker: Blast your way through your enemies with the Tracer Pack: The Boys – Firecracker Operator Bundle.

    New Modes

    Headquarters: Secure the Headquarters objective and hold the position as long as possible to accrue points. Dig in tight, as respawns are disabled for the defending team. The objective rotates around the map throughout the match, so be ready to change your position on the fly.

    Team Gunfight: Experience Gunfight on a larger scale. In this version, players compete in 6v6 across standard Multiplayer maps. As with traditional Gunfight, all players will receive the same randomized Loadout at the start of each round. This Loadout changes throughout the match. Adapt to what you’re given and wipe out the competition.

    Infected: Begin the match with one player randomly assigned as the starting infected. The infected player’s goal is to eliminate and transform all the other players into infected Operators who then join their side, while the remaining survivors must use their best skills and strategies to keep the infected at bay.


    Ranked Mode: MWIII Ranked Play launches in Season 1 Reloaded and will be available to all players who have reached Level 55.

    Launch Matchmaking: During the Ranked Play launch period, Skill Division Matchmaking restrictions will be relaxed, allowing players who climb into higher Skill Divisions faster than the rest of the population to find matches.

    SR (Skill Rating) & Division Overview: Test yourself against your peers and track that progress with a visible SR (Skill Rating) that determines your place across 8 Skill Divisions. All players begin our first Competitive Season in Bronze I with 0 SR. Players increase their SR by winning matches and lose SR whenever they lose matches. Both individual and team performance will impact how much SR you gain or lose per match. In higher Skill Divisions, team performance has a bigger impact on SR gained or lost so that all winning playstyles are more consistently rewarded.

    In addition to new Rank and Seasonal Rewards in Modern Warfare 3, the #1 Ranked Play player will receive a unique, one-of-a-kind Calling Card and Emblem at the end of each Season.

    Seasonal Division Rewards: Each Ranked Play Season will have a unique set of Division Rewards awarded at the end of the Season to celebrate the player’s highest Skill Division reached that Season.

    New Weapons

    • TAQ Evolvere (LMG)

    • HRM-9 (SMG)


    The Boys are back, and an all-new mode arrives in Modern Warfare III Multiplayer with them: Supe Siege is here.

    Compete in a new Supe’d Up version of Kill Confirmed inspired by the hit TV series The Boys. In this twist on the classic mode, fallen Operators drop doses of Temp V, giving temporary power boosts like Heat Vision to those who swoop in to collect them. Prove that you belong with the Supes by completing six challenges in The Boys: Supe Siege Event Challenge.

    Mastery Reward: Complete all six challenges to earn “The Boys Special” LMG Weapon Blueprint featuring four attachments, equipped with a whopping 150-round drum and incendiary ammunition for aggressive suppressive fire.

    For the full patch note, visit the Season 1 Reloaded Announcement Blog for more information. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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