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    Hyperforma hacking it’s way for a September release!

    Previously announced back in May 2019, comes a Cyberpunk hacking story-driven action-puzzler Hyperforma, launching via Nintendo eShop effectively on September 5, 2019; confirmed by publisher HeroCraft and developer Nord Unit.

    You play as a hacker

    Or a lone explorer hacking his way into a relic cyberspace network called the “Ancient Network”, that mysteriously vanishes an entire civilization in the past. You were hoping to find out more of its secrets including its previous masters. However, while exploring you ran into ancient masters that labels you as an enemy and will do anything to protect its secret. Not to worry as each system hacked brings you a step closer to the truth you seek.


    Unlock the key features as below:

    • Level up and earn new abilities for a better hacking
    • Comes with the next level Brick-breaker gameplay with new mechanics and features not seen before in classic Brick-breaker
    • Comes with HD rumble support
    • Optional Gyroscope
    • Over 80 level puzzles with cyberpunk atmosphere
    • Comes with ancient bosses to defeat
    • Play with your friends with 2 player controller sharing
    • Reworked interface and colour grading
    • Put your problem-solving skills to the limits
    • Enjoy yourself with a wonderful cyberpunk soundtrack.

    Pre-order for Hyperforma is available with 10% off in Nintendo eShop. Solve the mysteries of the ancient network, coming your way into Switch on September 5, 2019.

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