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    Hunter x Hunter Invades Jump Force!


    The news that characters from my favourite but always under hiatus anime, Hunter X Hunter, got me excited my heart was racing ‘Lewis Hamilton’. Gon and Hisoka appear in the trailer, too bad no Kuroro though.



    First, Hisoka Morow appears with his gum powers (which is a chewing gum chi type abilities), which are both flexible and deceitful abilities, as you can see from the trailers. He is able to catch you via bubble gum and swing you around, pummeling you all over the grounds.

    Waiting for his prey as usual


    Gon Freecss, one of the main characters from Hunter x Hunter graces the party with his powerful “Jajanken”, an attack with 3 different types stance mirroring the “Rock, Paper and Scissors” hand gesture. ” As shown in the trailer; Gon is also able to change to his ultimate form (grown-up version of himself).

    Cute Gon
    Serious Gon


    Other characters were announced in the very same trailer but expected more or less:

    • Sanji– kicking cooking pervert
    • Luffy’s Brother (not Ace) Sabo (not sabotage ar!) who ate the same fruit (Mera Mera No Mi) as Ace giving him abilities of a Fire Logia user plus his own existing combat abilities.
    • Vegeta– If Goku is here, Vegeta is always here..
    • Blackbeard- The bad guy from One piece series with darkness abilities fruit (Yami Yami no Mi).

    Jump Force to be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019.

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