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    How To Style Your Galaxy Buds2 Pro Like A Fashion Icon

    Style it up and put your best foot forward every day of the week with Galaxy Buds2 Pro! Let’s face it, we all love a chic outfit combo, especially when it makes us stand out from the crowd. Wanna know the best way to style your Galaxy Buds2 Pro? Here are our tips on how you can coordinate your daily outfits.

    Monday: A Sophisticated Shade of Blue

    Redefine your Mondays with a splash of colour. Nothing lifts the back-to-work blues better than a shade of chic. Put on a classic white shirt with a crisp pair of pants or skirt, throw on a light blue jacket, and pop on your pair of Galaxy Buds2 Pro in Bora Purple for an interesting accent. It’s a fresh, sophisticated outfit that says: Hello, Monday. I’m ready to slay! Galaxy Buds2 Pro comes in three different colours — Bora Purple, White, and Graphite. Each shade is carefully curated to reflect your personality.


    Tuesday: Rebel in Black

    Unleash your inner rebel by painting it black. Why play by the rules when you can walk on the wild side? All you need is a black t-shirt, a pair of ripped jeans and an über cool black jacket. Add a little depth to your rebellious edge with a touch of white — a pair Galaxy Buds2 Pro in White. Samsung redesigned the Galaxy Buds2 Pro by giving it a 15% reduction in size compared to its predecessor. This allows your new Buds to sit snugly, stylishly, and comfortably in your ears. You’ll move with ease in your daily tasks while looking drop-dead chic.

    Wednesday: Mid-week on Fleek

    You’ve reached the middle of the week! So why not put on your best laid-back chic ensemble? Simply throw on a plain black t-shirt, a pair of white pants, and a slouchy white jacket. Complete your look with a pair of Galaxy Buds2 Pro in White, and you’re ready to take on the rest of your day. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro’s ergonomic design ensures lightweight comfort, no matter the occasion. Stay in vogue while listening to your favourite tunes or podcast, anytime, anywhere.


    Thursday: Girls’ Night Glam

    Planning a night out with the girls? Change it up and turn heads by serving glam-girl vibes. Opt for an eye-catching dress, preferably something in ombre blue and purple, put on a pair of cute stilettos, and add a matching bag. Finish your look with a pair of Galaxy Buds2 Pro in Bora Purple, and you’re ready to paint the town red. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro comes in a sweet, compact design so you can bring them everywhere you go. Who says you can’t have your favourite playlist and look fashion-forward wherever you go?


    Friday: Road-Trip Ready

    If you’re gearing up for a road trip over a long weekend, then it’s best to look Instagram-worthy. Dress for comfort and style by putting on a crisp t-shirt and a pair of dark green pants. Layer your look with a light beige jacket and a white sling bag. Add a polished edge to your outfit with a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro in White. Each Bud is polished to a high gloss with a matte interior, so it feels soft against your skin and emulates an effortlessly sophisticated vibe. It’s the perfect style companion for your next adventure.

    Saturday and Sunday: Off-Duty with a Side of Chic

    It’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy your well-deserved weekend. Our advice? Do it in style. You can wear anything you like, including a comfy t-shirt and a pair of baggy pants. Complete your lazy weekend outfit with a pair of Galaxy Buds2 Pro in White, and you’re ready for the weekend. Lightweight, comfy and stylish, it’s everything you’ll ever need.



    Elevate your fashion palette and enjoy crisp, clear sounds with a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro. Unleash your unique style and choose from Bora Purple, White, or Graphite. It’s style and function in a compact, lightweight package. You’ll be a fashion icon wherever you go, every day of the week.

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