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    Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.1 Arriving 27 March

    HoYoverse has announced that Version 2.1 of Honkai: Star Rail – Into the Yawning Chasm will be arriving on 27 March 2024. Together with new maps and companions, the update will guide Trailblazers further into Penacony’s depths to uncover its concealed secrets.

    In Penacony, everyone harbours their clandestine agendas. With the growing unforeseen occurrences, guests with various motives are also beginning to take their moves, starting a fierce struggle for dominance on this table of collapsing cards, and Trailblazers need to navigate through this complex condition to uncover the truth beneath. Moreover, the Fate’s Ensemble will be introduced to aid players in grasping the storyline of Penacony. With this feature, players can venture alongside the Express Crew while also shifting to the viewpoints of other characters, thereby acquiring a deeper insight into the motivations and clandestine affairs of various factions.

    Following the previous storyline, the mysterious drifter, Acheron, left an indelible mark on Trailblazers with her charisma. The identity of this self-proclaimed Galaxy Ranger is known only to a few, and she always bears a long blade while walking the vast cosmos alone. Despite her reserved and reticent demeanour, her swordsmanship speaks volumes, swift as bolts of flowing violet lightning.

    Now, this highly anticipated 5-star character will grace Version 2.1, offering her formidable prowess to aid Trailblazers. In combat, Acheron accumulates Slashed Dream charges every time she unleashes her Skill. At the same time, when any ally uses an ability to inflict a debuff on an enemy, the Slashed Dream charges will also gain corresponding increases. When Slashed Dream recharges a designated amount of charges, Acheron can activate her Ultimate and deliver 4 hits against her enemies, with 3 of those hits targeting single targets and 1 hit damaging all of them. Additionally, when Acheron uses her Technique, she will instantly attack her enemies and eliminate them without entering battle if they are normal foes. This will make exploring the map and adventuring across worlds much easier.

    Additionally, the much-awaited 5-star character Aventurine will soon come to the card table. Renowned as a senior executive of the IPC Strategic Investment Department, he also holds a prominent position among the Ten Stonehearts, with his Cornerstone being the “aventurine of stratagems.” Aventurine loves high-risk challenges and views life as a game without limits. When he games against destiny, he always does it with skill and ease. Despite Aventurine’s spirit for adventure and unfading smile, his true beliefs lay buried and masked deep within. In combat, Aventurine’s unique Skill allows him to grant allies a stackable shield. Allies with this Shield will accumulate Blind Bet charges for Aventurine upon being attacked. When Blind Bet reaches a certain count, Aventurine will unleash a follow-up attack and re-stack this Shield on allies anew while performing the follow-up attack. Aventurine’s Ultimate not only allows him to obtain a certain amount of Blind Bet and deal damage to a single designated enemy target but also inflicts a special debuff on enemies. Allies’ CRIT DMG increases when they attack enemies afflicted with this debuff.

    It’s worth mentioning that in Version 2.1, Aventurine of the “Ten Stonehearts” will be matching wits, will, and might against the Trailblazers. Why is Aventurine behaving this way? And for what reason is he playing such a high-stakes game against the Trailblazers? What might be the outcome? All these questions will be answered in the storyline of Version 2.1.

    Concurrently, the 4-star character, Gallagher, will also join Trailblazers’s party. This Penaconian native is publicly a security officer for the Bloodhound Family and a drinksmith in private. Gallagher dresses as he wishes and doesn’t waste time on trifling matters. His free and easy attitude also carries over to his drink mixing. Though he is polite to all customers and guests, he always bears a sense of vigilance and seems to hold countless unheard secrets. During combat, Gallagher is also a reliable companion, for when he uses his Ultimate, he not only deals damage to all enemies but also inflicts special debuffs, allowing allies to restore health when they attack enemies inflicted with said debuff and improve combat endurance.

    Meanwhile, the 5-star characters Luocha and Jingliu will appear in the first- and second-phase banners for Version 2.1, and these two old friends from the Xianzhou will continue to be of invaluable assistance during the Trailblazers’ journey across Penacony.

    Aside from the brand-new characters, the most important storylines in Version 2.1 will unfold in the Clock Studios Theme Park and Dewlight Pavilion. Clock Studios Theme Park resides in the Golden Hour and offers incomparable joy and excitement to all guests visiting the Dreamscape. Here, guests will be able to behold Penacony’s unique cinematic culture and will have a chance to partake in the filmmaking process by skillfully evading enemy attacks and obstacles.

    Standing in stark contrast to the other bustling Dreamscapes in Penacony, Dewlight Pavilion resides in the Moment of Morning Dew, a tranquil and mysterious Dreamscape. As the domain of the Oak Family, Dewlight Pavilion belongs to Mr. Sunday and is where the lineages gather to discuss important matters. It is noteworthy to mention that ordinary guests will never know of its existence, let alone discover the route to reach where it resides.

    Should Trailblazers wish to have a moment of respite from their adventures, they can also experience the fun of mixing drinks in the “Vignettes in a Cup” event. Keep in mind that the clientele this lounge services is far out of the ordinary, as this establishment is made specifically for the Dreamscapes monsters. Here, Trailblazers will have a chance to create fantastic Dreamjolt Specials or chat with the monsters and learn their backstories. Aside from this, the 9th and newest world in the Simulated Universe will also be available.

    As Honkai: Star Rail celebrates its one-year anniversary, the game will offer a series of special events to mark this special occasion. In the Cosmodyssey, players can travel to various historical cosmic journeys on a mysterious game board and relieve the moments from past trailblazing experiences with their friends.

    Meanwhile, the public will have access to the Immersive Interactive Exhibition, an online celebration that includes themed sections dedicated to Herta Space Station, Belobog, Xianzhou Luofu, and Penacony. Players can create memories by clocking in at Additionally, there will be offline anniversary celebrations in major global cities such as Los Angeles, Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Berlin, Paris, and Bangkok, allowing players to experience the fantastical world of Honkai: Star Rail. For more details, please log in to for official announcements.

    Honkai: Star Rail is now available on PC, iOS, Android, Epic Games Store, and PlayStation 5.

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