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    Grab A Friend And Fling Yourselves Up Mount OM When Surmount Leunches On May 9th On Switch And PC

    Indiana-Jonas & Jasper Oprel, the team behind Surmount, and co-publishing team popagenda are screaming from the top of Mount Om, the highest mountain in the world, that Surmount will be releasing May 9 on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store).

    If you’re looking to play in local co-op, the newly announced Nintendo Switch version is the way to go! For Steam Deck owners, the game runs at a smooth 60 fps and is perfect for short play sessions.

    Source: NobleGames

    Surmount takes around 5-10 hours to complete depending on the amount of side missions you complete and your skill level.

    About Surmount
    Surmount is a free-flowing, physics-based platforming adventure where you’ll experience the joys of mountain climbing. Make your perilous ascent through the various handcrafted and procedurally generated challenges of Mount Om, all the while following a silly story with eccentric folks along the way.

    Master your own unique style of climbing either alone or with a friend, upgrade and customize your climber to stand a better chance, and maybe just maybe, you’ll be the first ever to reach the top.


    • An approachable physics based climbing system that is endlessly replayable and not overly punishing
    • A mix of handmade levels and large procedurally generated areas to overcome.
    • On your way to the top of Mount Om, you’ll meet a variety of eccentric characters, all with their own reason to journey to the top.
    • Unlock a variety of permanent and equipable items that will boost your stats.
    • Be the most fashionable climber out there by customizing your character’s look.
    • Play alone or tethered to a friend in local co-op.
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