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    Guntech 2 Is Coming To Steam!

    Guntech 2 by developer Jani Penttinen is a retro-style twin-stick shooter inspired by classics such as Thrust, Oids, Geometry Wars, and Asteroids. Guntech 2 will launch on Steam on February 9th, 2022 with a 15% launch-week discount. The Steam version will run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    Source: Jani Penttinen

    The back story places you in the Asteroid Belt with a mission to eradicate a deadly virus that is spreading across the solar system. The viruses in this game are the size of a spaceship, huge monsters and you need to shoot to destroy. Over the course of the game, you’ll collect pieces of a recipe to develop a virus against the virus and ultimately meet the terrible end boss – Dr. Virx!

    The return of retro shooters

    Guntech 2 is a tribute to two classics from the history of gaming: Side-scrolling shooters and couch co-op multiplayer! Guntech can be played by up to four players on one PC, working together to achieve the goals. The game has been designed so that it suits even younger kids – a unique feature is that each player can set their difficulty level individually. Parents can live their youth again, blasting a good old retro game, while the younger kids can join the fun using the easy difficulty level with unlimited lives.

    Source: MeiGaming

    “Guntech 2 is an homage to the great cave-flyer shoot’em ups of the 90s – It’s optimized for gaming PCs and latest generation consoles, so you can expect a dance of lights and shadows and tons of big explosions while staying true to the origins of the genre. The couch co-op multiplayer means the whole family can play together, which is what I have been doing with my young kids while developing the game”.

    Jani Penttinen – Lead Developer

    Guntech 2 is localized in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, French, German, Russian and Spanish.
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